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Benchmark Launches Easy-Load Universal Card Dispensing Module, Develops 'Ticket Emulator' For Techs

by Staff Reporter
Posted On: 10/27/2009

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New from Benchmark Games is a card dispensing mechanism that can be installed in any machine requiring this feature. It can hold up to 100 standard-size cards, and is said to require no maintenance. According to the manufacturer, the new card dispensing unit is designed for easy loading and is 100% digital. 

An optional plate is available when the card dispenser is to be installed in a machine with an exterior door.

Benchmark explained that the unit will work with games from other manufacturers that require a mechanism for dispensing cards, as well as its own. As a further enhancement to the new card dispenser, an optional plate can be provided for the outside of the machine with an exterior door. Low introductory pricing is available.

Also new from Benchmark is a small "ticket emulator" instrument for use by technicians in testing ticket dispensing mechanisms without wasting tickets. Designed for use in the shop or on location, the device indicates functional status with three indicator lights.

When it's plugged in, a "power" indicator illuminates when the dispenser is receiving 12V.; a "run" lamp lights up when the ticket dispenser is connected to a logic signal; and the "notch" lamp blinks each time a ticket-dispense command is received. These signals enable the technician to determine whether the machine is working properly without actually issuing (and wasting) tickets.

The instrument is sized to fit comfortably in a toolbox. It is said to be adaptable to games from manufacturers other than Benchmark, to save operators money by saving tickets while keeping redemption equipment in good working order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Information on Benchmark games and accessories can be had by calling (888)-538-1000 or (561) 588-5200 and speaking with Rich Long at ext. 112 or Al Kress, ext. 101. Details on the new ticket emulator may be requested from Benchmark's parts department at (561) 253-3311.

Based in Hypoluxo, FL, Benchmark Games was founded and is owned by coin machine industry pioneers Ron Halliburton and Kress. Halliburton holds numerous patents issued over 40 years; and Kress is a former operator and distributor and a past-chairman of the American Amusement Machine Association.The company maintains a website at