Bay Tek's Gravity-Powered Squiggle Game Rewards Quick Reflexes

Posted On: 5/14/2018

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YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE TIMING:  Bay Tek's Rick Halley demonstrates new Squiggle game at  2018 Amusement Expo. The piece is now shipping.
PULASKI, WI -- Bay Tek reports that its new Squiggle redemption game is now shipping. It challenges players to predict when a series of balls will drop onto the playfield. The highly visible game was previewed at the recent Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas, NV.

Primarily mechanical in operation, Squiggle is designed to offer players an experience that they can't enjoy at home. Standing 143" high (almost 12 ft.), it measures 47" wide and 57" deep.

The game holds 18 red balls in a transparent magazine at the top of the display, and a single yellow ball right below them. When play is initiated, the red balls start downward through two serpentine (squiggly) transparent tubes and begin to collect in a vertical tube at the bottom.

Striking a large glowing control releases the yellow ball; the trick is to time its release for the precise moment that will land it in a particular spot in the collection. The yellow ball also  travels downward through a squiggly tube, so predicting when it will arrive requires keen judgement. Success translates into points.

Squiggle's skill-based action encourages repeat play, fueled by "that oh-so-close feeling," the company explained. The progressive bonus target stays put, which permits players to improve their timing with each play. The descent of the colorful balls attracts attention, and the experience is enhanced by animated lighting and an engaging sound package.

"This game is 100% unique," observed Bay Tek account manager Todd Louthain. "The game play is unlike anything in the field." Louthain noted that Squiggle has "a great vertical presence" without a huge footprint. "Squiggle is the creative game that our industry needs right now," he said.

Bay Tek Games, founded in 1977, is a family-owned and operated business.