Bay Tek Launches Licensed Coin-Op Perfection, Scooby Doo Games

Posted On: 12/19/2017

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PULASKI, WI — New from Bay Tek Games are two licensed redemption pieces, one based on the popular Hasbro board game Perfection and the other, on the celebrated Warner Bros. cartoon Scooby Doo.

Perfection, introduced by Hasbro in 1973, challenges players to fit 25 pieces of different shapes into matching holes in the board before time runs out and the board “pops.” Bay Tek’s coin-op implementation, licensed by Hasbro, requires players to find the matching hole as each shape appears on the digital screen. Players must match all 10 shapes while the timer is still in the bonus zone in order to hit the jackpot. The images shuffle with each game, so there’s no sequence that can be memorized. The longer it takes to complete the matchup, the fewer tickets are won.

“The diminishing bonus drives excitement because it’s adding visible pressure that you need to hurry up and beat the clock,” said Bay Tek marketing manager Sammy Harrison.

The Scooby Doo piece is a wheel game licensed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Its gameplay is similar to Bay Tek’s other wheel games, and Scooby-Doo has a similar footprint to Big Bass Wheel Pro. However, the new game includes the added draw of its extremely popular title that harks back to the original 1969 Saturday mor­ning television series, Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby-Doo, Where are You?

Players step up, pull the handle and watch the side rails light as the wheel spins. Where it stops determines the number of tickets  awarded. The company reports that the audio package and character graphics, brought to life on the bright screen, appeal to children and adults alike. 

Bay Tek pointed out that Scooby Doo is more than a fondly-remembered title from the past: it’s a relevant franchise for today’s audience. There have been numerous follow-up and spin-off series, as well as related television productions, over the past 35 years. A new film, Scooby, is planned for release in 2020.

“It’s smart to make the marketing dollars that are backed by these well-known titles work for you,” Harrison observed. “It’s ideal when you can use these large budgets to your advantage to extend your marketing reach.”

Information may be had by calling Bay Tek Games at (920) 822-3951, emailing to, or contacting a Bay Tek Games distributor.