Barron Games' Fly O'Clock Adds Humor To Arcade Mix

Posted On: 1/6/2017

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Barron Games, Fly O'Clock arcade game

BUFFALO, NY -- In its latest arcade game based on a popular app, Barron Games invites players to become a fly on a clock. Fly O'Clock, unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2016, is described as an "endless jumper" game. It supports single- or two-player rounds.

Fly O'Clock is equipped with a 55" HD monitor that is framed to resemble a clock face. Its eye-catching cabinet is crowned with LED lighting. It is played using only a single 5" button, making gameplay highly intuitive for even young children. A short free-play tutorial opens each round of play; experienced players can skip the introduction.

The object of the game is to "jump" a fly counterclockwise around a clock face while avoiding the moving "electrified" clock hands. (Think obstacle course for the winged creatures.) While each round becomes more difficult, those players whose flies survive 15 rounds earn a "ticket fiesta" that awards immunity from the clock hands for a short period of time -- and the chance to collect additional points. A jackpot is achieved by surviving 60 jumps.

In addition to its competitive two-player appeal, Fly O'Clock's easily understood concept, one-button game mechanics and easy-to-read scoreboard make it appealing to a wide range of players. Animated graphics, notably the squashing of the fly, add humor to the game.

"This is a very unique and attractive game," said Barron's Anna Bacorn. "Its competitiveness makes it stand out."

Fly O'Clock measures 34" D. x 33 W. x 106 H. It ships with two Entropy 2000 ticket dispensers and dual coin mechs, supports bill acceptors and card readers, and features operator-adjustable settings and ticket rewards.

The original Fly O'Clock game app was created by Digital Melody Games. The arcade implementation was developed by Magic Play. Both companies are from Poland. Buffalo, NY-based Barron Games previously collaborated with these firms for Timberman, its first app-to-arcade game. | SEE STORY