Avanti Unveils AI-Enabled Smart Store Express At 2019 NAMA Show

Posted On: 4/24/2019

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RENTON, WA -- Avanti Markets plans to unveil its latest application of artificial intelligence to unattended retailing at The NAMA Show in Las Vegas. The AI Smart Store Express will make its debut in Booth 531 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Avanti's new Express will allow consumers to simply grab their items and walk out of the market without having to wait in line for a kiosk (much less a cashier). Shoppers need only swipe their registered Express app to walk into the smart market.

Consumers will be able to pick out their products, which will be added automatically to their "virtual carts" through artificial intelligence technologies that combine computer vision, deep learning capabilities and sensor fusion. Even if the shopper decides to put an item back, the technology will recognize this behavior and delete it from the cart.

Once consumers have all of their items, they can simply exit the Express market and the Express system will send a receipt to their phone after payment processing.

Express users can even gift snacks and drinks to other Express users, who will be able to pick up their gifts in person at the store.

The technology is also adaptable for non-app users. If a registered Express user is with someone who is not registered, they can simply swipe the guest in, and all of their collective items will be virtually carted under the registered account for payment.

"We're excited to launch this new technology for the market users on the go," said Avanti Markets chief executive officer Jim Brinton. "By having a consumer-focused innovation that supports group shopping and faster customer experiences, we will continue to move the micromarket industry forward with this new wave of retail shopping."

Avanti Markets will be piloting Express this spring, with general availability later in 2019. The company is currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a torrent of new product announcements led by Express by Avanti Markets.

The Express solution follows Avanti's introduction of Smart N Go intelligent markets last fall. READ MORE»

Also slated for launch at The NAMA Sow is Avanti's Min/Max Optimization, a data analytics tool that provides product level inventory recommendations in an interactive way to enable operators to maintain inventory at just the right levels to save inventory costs, and warehouse space while minimizing stales in their markets. This is the first release of Avanti Markets' predictive analytics tools for micromarket operators.

Smart N Go Pavilions are secure, intelligent solutions for high-shrinkage and transient locations served by Avanti operators. These markets continue to enable the expansion of operator business into more channel opportunities. Smart N Go offers all the benefits of the micromarket with the security of purchase preauthorization with the convenience of automated checkout.

Avanti Advantage Points, with the new Mobile Experience, is a redesigned mobile app with improved features, constructed to give users more control over their mobile shopping experiences. It incorporates several enhancements. Mobile app users who upgrade to the new version can earn their way to free products, member-only discounts and other promotions by means of Avanti Advantage points that reward users for purchases in their micromarkets.

"These evolutionary offerings demonstrate Avanti Markets' continuing commitment to disrupt the industry," Brinton, observed. "The micromarket industry is celebrating 10 years, and Avanti Markets is ready to take it to the next level."

The company is currently preparing for a field trial of Express by Avanti Markets, while Min/Max Optimization, the new Avanti Markets mobile app and Avanti Advantage loyalty programs will all be commercially released later this spring.

The Avanti Markets organization began in 1976 with a single soft-drink vending machine. It introduced the first commercial micromarket a decade ago. Today, thousands of its micromarket kiosks are in service throughout the United States.

BIOMETRICS PLUS: Avanti's new Smart Store Express combines the Avanti transaction processing system with additional customer-idnetification features including computerized facial recognition. Application of artificial intelligence capabilities enables Avanti market patrons to enter the store, make their selections and leave without using a kiosk.
RECOGNIZABLE: Avanti Smart Store Express micromarket patron is authenticated by AI technology, increasing convenience by eliminating the need to check out at a kiosk.