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August 19, 2005: Rowe Downloads Wide-Ranging Software Update To Jukeboxes On AMI Network

Posted On: 8/19/2005

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI- Rowe International Corp. , , has begun downloading a new version of the software that controls its popular digital Internet-access jukeboxes and their interaction with the AMI Entertainment Network. The enhanced software, which is supported by several "behind the scenes" changes to the AMI system, began downloading to AMI subscribers this week. "New improvements to the system software include the ability to accommodate cashless payments, and enhancements to category management that give operators greater flexibility in tailoring programs to specific customer needs," explained Rowe International vice-president of sales and marketing John Margold.


The cashless payment capability enables operators to install an optional terminal kit permitting payment with MasterCard and Visa credit cards. The kit is easily retrofitted to Rowe's "StarBrite," "NiteStar" and "Solara" jukeboxes connected to the AMI Entertainment Network; it interfaces to the core computer by means of a USB connector. In use, the new software detects when a card is swiped through the terminal, performs local security checks, then offers the patron the choice of purchasing $5, $10 or $20 of credit.


The other principal advance incorporated into the new software version is expanded flexibility in managing music categories. The Rowe downloading jukebox system has permitted operators to block individual selections, or entire categories of music, to conform to location desires and sensibilities. Until now, such blocking was "all or nothing" , a category or a selection was available in a location, or it was blocked there. The new software release introduces "schedules" to allow programmed blocking. Similarly, individual songs , for example, those with explicit lyrics , can be blocked or permitted according to a schedule. Also new is a provision for the operator-subscriber to choose to apply "music lockouts" only to "Music on Demand" download selections , those that the customer orders directly from AMI's remote music library, bypassing the jukebox's onboard hard drive , while permitting access to all the "local" songs. Related new features are custom play lists, a new selection screen and several new timer functions. Music Popularity Reports also have been given additional detail in the latest software release.


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