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Arachnid's Galaxy II.5 Offers First 'Repositionable' LCD For Dartboards

Posted On: 6/6/2009

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LOVES PARK, IL -- Arachnid Inc. has introduced a soft-tip electronic dartboard designed with a widescreen LCD that can be positioned at either the center or top of the machine's body. Called the Galaxy II.5 Convertible, the dartboard is the manufacturer's first to use a flat-panel monitor.

The new Galaxy ships with one 19" monitor and a hidden panel cover that is used to close up the midsection's opening when the monitor is moved to the game's top. The LCD can be easily repositioned in the field, Arachnid reports. The operator simply unplugs the monitor's signal and power cables from the customary midsection location, releases the mounting brackets, and uses the same cables and brackets to secure it to the top. The procedure requires only three minutes and no tools, the manufacturer said.

The 19" high-resolution display greatly improves graphics appearing on advertising and attract screens, Arachnid added. The II.5 model is an update to Arachnid's Galaxy II board, which is outfitted with a 15" CRT permanently mounted at the midsection, below the target. Boards that use upper positioning for their displays provide good visibility for league play. Arachnid's interchangeable design not only enables alternating positions, but also supports two video signals to optionally power two monitors for added effect.

Arriving on the scene in 1991, the original Galaxy introduced an automated league system that compiled data remotely, eliminating the hassles of paper administration. The Galaxy II was released with a new impact-resistant, futuristic-looking cabinet design, which is used for the new II.5 model. Different and similar boards can be networked on location.

PHOTO: Arachnid's Bob Wiles demonstrates center-to-top LCD conversion on new Galaxy II.5 electronic dartboard, a process that requires just 3 minutes and no tools. New Galaxy is the first dartboard to employ a 19" flat-panel display.

Like all Arachnid boards, the new Galaxy can achieve maximum potential when paired with the company's latest management software for promoting and administering dart leagues. Running online under Internet Explorer, LeagueLeader automates scheduling, conflict resolution, match setup, machine updates and data collection, among other critical functions.

The program easily imports data from Dartman for Windows, an older Arachnid application, and can manage leagues for other coin-op equipment types. The LeagueLeader system, for example, will permit patrons to pay their pool league fees and enter scores at the dartboard terminal.

Information on Arachnid's dartboards is available at bullshooter.com or (800) 435-8319. Operators can sign up for a LeagueLeader trial at leagueleader.net.