Apriva Enables Vending Operators' Payment Acceptance From Campus Cards

Posted On: 6/15/2015

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Apriva said that it has established connections to its cashless payment gateway with all major campus card service providers, or CCSPs, enabling vending operators to accept student cards for payment at their machines.

There are about 4,200 colleges and universities in the U.S., with just over half of them using CCSPs. Apriva recently completed its vertical integration of payment hardware and its gateway with the systems used by all of the key CCSPs. This allows the company to make student cards available as a form of payment to vending service providers at more than 2,400 campuses, according to Apriva executive vice-president Rinaldo Spinella.

CCSPs keep money on account for students' campus cards, which are generally funded by their parents. Students swipe the multifunctional magnetic stripe/NFC cards to pay for meals, purchases at campus stores, library and laundry services and more, and for access to secured doors at their dorms. "With this connectivity, we're helping to financially integrate student cards with vending," said Spinella.

He stated that Apriva is the only cashless payment gateway that's established contracts with all major campus card providers, which include CBORD, Blackboard/Cardsmith, Atrium and Heartland Campus. It also has agreements with the University of British Columbia, among other schools, which administer their own campus card programs. This is a major opportunity for vending operators.

Apriva ensures that the cashless readers from any of their hardware partners installed on each machine and connected to the Apriva gateway can securely read the student card as well as credit, debit and prepaid cards from all the major brands. Apriva then establishes a secure server-to-server connection with each student card brand via the CCSPs as well as with each credit and debit card brand's payment processors.

The transactions are fast and secure, according to Apriva, enabling students, faculty, staff, and even visitors to purchase from the vending machines using whatever they have in their pocket. For campuses and operators, the increase in volume from the use of student cards for purchase delivers welcome relief from tight margins, according to Spinella.

"We can now 'productize' the campus student card as a payment source for vending operators," Spinella said. "It took a lot of years. We've done the heavy lifting and are ready to connect to virtually any campus that issues a closed-loop-payment student card. There are numerous operators big and small using our service today at over 500 colleges and universities."