Apple Industries Valentine's Day Graphics Boost Photobooth Traffic

Posted On: 2/13/2019

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GREENVALE, NY— Photobooths always have been popular with people in love, and Apple Industries reports that its Valentine's Day themes have demonstrated their ability to boost sales on that day.

The company noted that Valentine's Day has become a multi-billion-dollar business, with $18.2 billion spent on cards, candies, flowers and other tokens of affection. Face Place photobooth owners saw a boost of 100% in sales last year, Apple said, thanks to the Valentine's Day art updates and their own marketing efforts. "With a Face Place photobooth, users can choose from a variety of romantic backgrounds and print romantic photo strips or send personalized greeting cards to the ones they love," the company pointed out.

In Manhattan, Stephanie had a first kiss with her husband-to-be at the time in a photobooth. She said "I had no idea he was going to propose. Then when the flash went off, he was not looking at the camera but looking at me with a box in his hand!" The photos from a photobooth often mean something more than just a captured moment in time!

In recent years, Apple Industries has helped its operators to benefit from the Valentine's Day excitement. Face Place photobooths are helping operators to cash in with new Valentine's Day art that allows users to print love-themed photos or create custom online greeting cards for the holiday of love.

"We have found an interesting statistic for our photobooth customers: 53% of women said they would break up with their significant others if they receive nothing for Valentine's Day," the company disclosed. A handy Face Place photobooth can be a friend in need.

To help photobooth owners increase sales, Face Place photobooths automatically display the Valentine's Day art to consumers as they walk past. This appeal becomes more effective in the lead-up to Valentine's Day, and works like a revenue magnet on Valentine's Day itself, according to Apple. The artwork updates are loaded directly into the Smile 2.0 software, so operators do not have to worry about making their machines ready for the holiday crowds.

"Couples love kissing in front of a camera on Valentine's Day," said Apple chief executive Allen Weisberg. "What better way to show someone how much they mean to you than with a customized, online Valentine's Day card? They also make great greeting cards to send to family members and close friends," Weisberg added.

This year's Valentine's Day art upgrade is expected to attract attention to Face Place photobooths and the operators who own them, Apple observed.

Apple Industries, a 30-year-old family-owned business, manufactures, markets and sells Face Place digital photobooths manufactured in the United States. It's new division, Print Budii, is dedicated to printing photos at self-service kiosks.