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Apple Industries' Scene Machine Photobooth Offers Versatile Compositing Capabilities

Posted On: 3/13/2013

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Apple Industries, photo booth, Face Place Scene Machine, vending, Allen Weisberg GREENVALE, NY -- Apple Industries is preparing to launch its latest photobooth. The Face Place Scene Machine has been designed around a new version of Apple's "Smile 2.0" software that offers unprecedented flexibility in assembling composite images.

The new machine in Apple's Face Place series invites customers to pose in the photobooth whose background is a vivid green color. This enables the image-processing software to identify the pixels in the bitmap that represent only the background, and then to replace these pixels with a new background bitmap or "matte" that is only written to the areas from which the original background has been removed.

This "chroma key" technique, originally developed for special effects in motion pictures, permits customers to choose from a variety of scenes in which to appear. Enhancing this versatility is the ability to superimpose a foreground image over the composite -- for example, the subject can appear to be standing in a jungle (the background) and grappling with an overlaid foreground spider web.

"Big-budget movies use green-screen technology to put an actor on another planet or in the middle of a dinosaur-filled jungle," said Apple president Allen Weisberg. "Now that same technology is available for photobooth patrons." The company's in-house research and development department, headed by Mike Bloomfield, has integrated chroma key technology seamlessly into Apple's Smile 2.0 software, Weisberg said.

The Scene Machine will ship with an initial library of 16 image themes, including a concert-stage (equipped with a microphone) for the world's next big singer; an underwater theme in which customers can swim with all types of tropical fish; Valentine's-style hearts; virtual "tours" of landmarks in major cities like Manhattan, Las Vegas or Washington; two horror movie motifs with zombies or vampires in pursuit; a gentle children's fantasy theme, featuring rainbows and friendly unicorns; an adventure scene with superimposed menacing dinosaurs; and more.

Custom "layered" fore- and background image options are not the only new features of Apple's Smile 2.0 with Green Screen technology software. The Scene Machine is also capable of rendering custom-designed borders and backgrounds. This allows companies or event organizers who rent the booth to place a logotype in the background of classic photo strips for a "red carpet" look.

Like all Face Place photobooths with Smile 2.0 software, the Scene Machine features touchscreen navigation, social network connections, the ability to email photos and capture email addresses, video and audio recording capability and a remote auditing system.

The Scene Machine will vend similarly to other Smile 2.0 units, printing a classic four-shot photo strip with an optional "upsell" that offers a 4" x 6" enlargement of the preferred image. It is equipped with a Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printer that delivers 700 vends per roll of print stock. The photobooth measures 70" long x 36" wide x 83" high; its cabinet is fitted with caster wheels to simplify installation. It is supplied with bill validator and stacker, and credit and debit card acceptance.