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Apple Industries Debuts Online Advisor For Photobooth Audit Emails

Posted On: 10/18/2012

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GREENVALE, NY -- Apple Industries' new audit reports sent to operators by wireless-enabled Apple photobooths allow them to take control of their service schedules, realize greater efficiency of inventorying and reordering consumables, and track money with unprecedented precision and ease.

These reports, emailed by the photobooth on a schedule set by the operator, include details on the amount of money in the cashbox, the number of photos vended, the quantity of paper remaining, the revenue earned and the amount owed to the location, and specific usage of the various services offered by the machine. The new service runs on any photobooth powered by Apple's Smile 2.0 software system.

The manufacturer points out that, as with any new technology, there is a "learning curve" encountered by the user in reading and comprehending these reports. This learning curve is short; line entries like "Paid Prints -- 85" require little explanation. But there is a good deal of information in the report, and the first time one is received, it may be somewhat daunting.

To ease the transition to remote monitoring and management control, Apple Industries has added a Help Section to its website that provides information and context for the emailed audit reports. The URL for the section is -- this address is printed at the bottom of every Audit Report Email, for operator convenience.

For example, a user receiving an email audit report might have a basic question, such as, "What does Initial Print Revenue mean?" A 10-second scan of the Help Section provides the answer: Initial Print Revenue means "Total money used to purchase the primary photo. This does not include any Upsell purchases. Formula: Initial Print Revenue = Number of Initial Photostrip Prints * Current Photostrip Price."

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Apple Industries president Warren Friss explained, "Audit Report Emails are a very powerful tool provided by our Smile 2.0 platform. Operators find them extremely helpful. And now our new online Help Section gives the operator a simple but detailed breakdown of everything in the Audit Report Email."

Mike Bloomfield, Apple's director of R&D and IT, added, "Email Audit Reports are a really useful feature for all kinds of reasons. Our online Help Section explains all the information in these reports. For example, it explains the formulas used to calculate values, and explains line items in the report showing the number of prints purchased, how many times photos and videos were shared, how much cash and credit payments were made, which styles and themes customers are choosing and the amount of paper remaining in the printer."

Bloomfield said Audit Report Emails represent a major leap forward in photobooth technology and convenience for the operator. "With older technology," he said, "if the operator wanted to check on photobooth earnings, performance and paper supplies, he had to do an onsite visit even if there wasn't enough cash in the cashbox to warrant a collection. Now with Email Audit Reports, the operator can schedule visits when money needs to be collected, when paper needs to be restocked or when certain adjustments need to be made."

The reports can also help operators keep machines running and earning at optimum performance levels. If the Email Audit Report shows there has been no activity with the photobooth for two or three days, this may signal there is some kind of problem that should be investigated.

Apple Industries has provided digital imaging solutions for retail environments over its three decades in business. The company manufactures, markets and sells the Face Place digital photobooth line, which allows customers to purchase photo strips or 4x6 prints, and to share their photos directly from the photobooth by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Apple Industries Inc. is based at 200 Forest Drive Bldg. 8, Greenvale, NY 11548; tel. (516) 619-8000.