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Apple Industries Debuts Magazine Me Novelty Photobooth

Posted On: 12/5/2010

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BAYCHESTER, NY -- Apple Industries has introduced a photobooth designed specifically to create a replica magazine cover adorned with the patron's portrait. Called Magazine Me, the machine was launched at the recent International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions show in Orlando, FL. It's slated to begin shipping in mid-December.

The highly visible photobooth is 36" wide x 79" long. It offers an intuitive customer interface that invites the patron to select one of a number of magazine covers on which to set the portrait, each custom-drawn for the Magazine Me system. According to the manufacturer, the available designs "range from pure silliness to extreme seriousness."

The replica magazine covers are produced on 6" x 8" stock by a commercial-grade dye sublimation printer, said to offer one of the fastest print times in the industry. The magazine booths on display at the IAAPA show were equipped with cashless payment systems from USA Technologies.

Apple Industries director of operations Neal Rosenberg explained that Magazine Me has been designed primarily for locations at which visitors desire souvenirs and mementos. "I believe all types of resort will love the Magazine Me," he predicted.

Also new from Apple is EZ Photo, which measures 32" wide x 25" deep. The photobooth's compact footprint lends to placement in street locations like bars and restaurants, where space is limited. Weighing only 400 lbs., the piece is also suitable for renting to special events. It prints a double set of 4" x 6" images.

EZ Photo features include plug-and-play setup, single-button operation, time-released holiday backgrounds and bill acceptor with stacker. Flash drive, for capturing and storing photos, and video and sound recording are easily added options.

Magazine Me and EZ Photo are the latest automated photographic systems designed to capture a larger customer base for the Bronx, NY-based coin-op company. Apple also owns the Face Place photobooth lineup, which includes the Photo2Go, a mobile unit that uses expanding-and-contracting cabinet design, and Double Take, a versatile system that adds new imaging options like hairstyles and body types, as well as backgrounds. Double Take also offers a color output option, along with Face Place's original black-and-white photos. Flace Place machines are best known for vending strips of four different photographs, each 2" square, similar in look and feel to the classic "four-for-a-quarter" photobooths of the 1950s.

Apple Industries Inc. is based at 1107 E. Gun Hill Rd., Baychester, NY 10469; tel. (888) 607-2444 or (718) 655-0404; fax (718) 547-4801.

photo booth

PHOTO: After putting Magazine Me to the test, Vending Times publisher Alicia Lavay gives the final result her approval. Here, Lavay, an accomplished magazine maker in her own right, and Apple Industries president Allen Weisberg admire Magazine Me's VT mockup created by the novel photobooth on the show floor of the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, FL. Apple's new photograph vender invites patrons to select one of a number of magazine covers on which to set their portraits, each custom-drawn for the Magazine Me system.