Andamiro's 20-Year Pump It Up Features New Software And Graphics

Posted On: 2/6/2019

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SEOUL, RoK/LOS ANGELES, CA — Andamiro has marked the platinum anniversary of its popular Pump It Up music-and-dance videogame by releasing a version incorporating brand-new software to support new music and enhanced graphics. The intent, the company said, is "to give both dance pros and casual players something special." Previewed at the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions annual Expo last fall, the new version – PIU-XX to its developers – underwent final testing and several enhancements. Formally named Pump It Up 20th Anniversary, the new game began shipping on Jan. 29, and should be appearing in U.S. arcades in the near future.

Demonstrating the devotion of Pump It Up's loyal following, more than 40 speed and freestyle enthusiasts (known as "Pumpers") traveled to Orlando, FL, in November for the IAAPA  show, in order to be the first to try out the 20th Anniversary edition.

Also on hand was Changhee Son, the head of Andamiro's M-Business team, who studied the action in the booth with an eye to finalizing the new game's design.

The new edition offers an upgraded player interface with several new features. These include "renewals" for song and step difficulties, and more than 100 reward titles.

Renewals and reward titles are key components of the XX interface. Renewals allow players to continue (or "renew") song-and-dance sessions from the point in the action at which they left off. Reward Titles are designations assigned to a player's user ID; they can include skill-level descriptors  like "advanced," "specialist," "newbie" and many others. PIU-XX also incorporates an online "matchmaking "system to  identify and match players of similar abilities and styles.

The 20th anniversary software is shipping in Andamiro's current Pump It Up LX cabinet, which is equipped with a 55" display. Upgrade kits that include the new software and "20th Anniversary XX" marquee are available for Pump It Up cabinet versions FX (42"), CX (43") and TX (55") as well as the current LX model.
Coinciding with the release of PIU-XX for arcades, Andamiro is expected to introduce a Pump It Up mobile version. Dubbed PIU-M, the mobile game underwent alpha testing this past summer in Korea, and is expected to enter beta testing soon.

"Pump It Up enjoys a rich history and has a very bright future," said Andamiro USA marketing director Nick Montano. "With the 20th Anniversary edition, Andamiro's development team is at the top of its game and the Pumper community has never been more energized. Additionally, the new game will have greater appeal to casual players.

"A dance game devotee recently explained to me that one of the best attributes of Pump It Up is that it allows players to grow with the game as their abilities advance," Montano continued. "They can move up through increasing levels of difficulties with the same song, for which there can be as many as 30 levels."

Pump It Up songs primarily are derived from Korean originals and licensed from "K-Pop" artists. The K-Pop genre has been gaining popularity in the U.S. and elsewhere for the past five years. During Pump It Up's early years, much of the game's music was created in house by artists known collectively as Banya. Two of Banya's members, Yahpp and Msgoon, eventually became independent artists.

Despite limited access to licensed music, Pump It Up offers abundant songs in many genres that lend themselves to a dance game environment. PIU's music diversity extends from general pop through heavy metal to hip hop, and includes a varied  assortment of jazz, folk and Jamaican ska. Some of Banya's songs covered great classical pieces, including Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D" (one of the Top 40 on the Bavarian hit parade as the end of the 17thCentury), performed in a "symphonic rock" style.

The 20th Anniversary game ships with 500 songs, 100 of which are new releases. This is the largest volume yet to roll out with a new Pump It Up version. Andamiro releases music updates with new songs every two months.

Andamiro has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to the new 20th Anniversary Pump It Up model.

Headquartered near Seoul, Republic of Korea, Andamiro Co. Ltd. designs and manufactures ticket-redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, and sports and videogames, along with the world-famous Pump It Up dance stage. Information may be had from its U.S. division, Andamiro USA, by calling (310) 767-5800 or emailing to