Andamiro Marks Start Of Football Season With 13 New NFLPA ‘Coins’

Posted On: 9/14/2018

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SEASON OPENER: Andamiro has enhanced its popular NFLPA  Super Star Football Coins collection for the 2018 National Football League season by adding 13 new player "coins" for fans to collect. An album is available for organizing and displaying a collection.
GARDENA, CA — Andamiro USA reports that it has added 13 new National Football League professional players to the roster for its popular NFLPA Super Star Football Coins game. It combines the features of a skill crane and a “coin” pusher with licensed prize content, working together to enhance entertainment value.

The game challenges one or two players to maneuver a football-shaped electromagnetic pickup over a bin of tokens, each celebrating an NFL player. The pickup can be lowered to pick up one or several of the tokens, then raised and positioned to drop them onto a tray traversed by a reciprocating slide. The trick is to assemble a pile of tokens that the slide will strike to push them off the tray and into a chute.

NFLPA Super Star Football Coins launched last year with a souvenir series featuring 60 players. The 13 new coins made their debut in August. They showcase rising stars like Jimmy Garoppolo, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, Deshaun Watson, Adam Thielen, Robby Anderson, Melvin Gordon, Christian McCaffrey, Doug Baldwin and Ryan Tannehill, along with rookies Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley. The 2018 collection joins Andamiro’s original player coins, licensed by the National Football League Players Association.

EXPANDED ROSTER: These 10 players are featured on a new set of collectible "coins" for Andamiro's novel NFLPA Super Star Football Coins game, a hybrid of skill crane and coin pusher. The merchandise is licensed from the National Football League Players Association.

FIRST SEASON: Three promising NFL first-year players have joined the list of NFLPA members commemorated on Andamiro's Super Star Football coins.
The game ships with a complimentary supply of 4,284 coins.

“We know from testing in a cross-section of location types throughout the country that NFLPA Super Star Football Coins is earning very well,” said Andamiro sales and marketing president Drew Maniscalco. “It operates either as a ticket-redemption game or merchandiser – in the latter case, coin collecting is the added incentive to the player. NFLPA Coins is versatile and offers strong return-on-investment opportunities.”

The company pointed out that the National Football League’s 2018 regular season began on Sept. 6, and excitement is running high. There still is time to purchase NFLPA Super Star Football Coins, and to update the coin set in games already on location . The season will conclude with Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta, GA).

“The NFL Players Association loves the new NFLPA Super Star Football Coins game,” Maniscalco said. “Pro football players love it, too, and some have asked Andamiro how they can get their faces on one of our coins. Football is still the king of sports, and entertainment centers are the places where fans can watch games, play games and collect NFLPA souvenir coins.”

Andamiro recommends that operators  keep their games well-stocked and looking sharp. It’s a good idea to distribute equal quantities of red, blue and silver-colored coins across the playfield. There are fewer of the highly prized gold coins, hence, fewer should be allocated. And, since there are only 14 of the rare Tom Brady coins, it’s sensible to begin with seven of those. “Concentrate most of the gold coins in the larger center playfield area,” the manufacturer urges. “Most importantly, promote those new player coins!”

Information about Andamiro’s NFLPA game and coins, and discussion of  promotional ideas, may be had by emailing to or calling the company at  (310) 767-5800, ext. 4.

Andamiro USA Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Andamiro Co. Ltd., an arcade game manufacturer founded in the Republic of Korea in 1992.