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AMI Megatouch Live Expands ML-1 Library With Aerial Combat Game

Posted On: 11/16/2012

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Air Guardian

BRISTOL, PA -- The Megatouch Games division of AMI Entertainment has expanded its line of high-definition games with the release of Air Guardian for the multitouch Megatouch Live platform.

Air Guardian invites players to take the controls of a futuristic helicopter and accomplish the mission of protecting friendly terrain. The heavily armed helicopter is guided by touching and dragging its image on the ML-1's screen, to avoid enemy projectiles while shooting down hostile aircraft and repelling ground attacks.

The game can be enjoyed as a one- or two-player recreation; the ML-1's 22" multitouch screen offers ample room for maneuver.

According to Megatouch director of products and marketing Bill Layne, Air Guardian is the first two-player game with control logic that follows multiple touches for each player. "Two players on the same screen, at the same time, can both control their chopper," he said. The controls available to each player permit firing appropriate projectiles, detonating bomb blasts and deploying a super weapon.

"Previously, to play a game like this, you needed a joystick and at least three buttons for each player -- not possible on a countertop," Layne added. But it can be done on an ML-1, he said, because of its advanced technology.

Air Guardian has been designed to entertain and addict, offering six levels to master and several "power-up" options that players can use to augment their gameplay advantage. The game also features 10 in-game challenges; these include Super Weapon Show Off, which is surmounted by activating the helicopter's super weapon 10 times during one play, and No Turbulence, for which players complete by making it through level 1 without damaging their aircraft. There are more challenges players can tackle to increase their scores.

"We have created a game that uses the 22" screen to its full capacity," said Brennan McTernan, Megatouch Games division president and vice-president of software development. "We have pushed barroom gaming to the next level with Air Guardian, and the HD graphics are some of the best we have ever done."

Megatouch Live, which offers automatically downloadable game updates and a host of operator features, now offers more than 85 games for players to enjoy. These include Megatouch Classic with such hits as TriTowers, Lucky 11's and Photo Hunt, as well as newer games like Luxor 3 and Little Shop Road Trip in advanced 3D. Megatouch Live also offers Battle Arena games, in which players compete shoulder-to-shoulder on the same screen, at the same time.