AMI Entertainment Releases Music Videos For Canadian Jukebox Market

Posted On: 2/7/2017

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AMI jukebox, AMI music video, NGX Ultra PHILADELPHIA -- For the past three years, music video content on AMI jukeboxes has been available in the United States. The option has become a leading upsell feature for many jukebox operators. It's a standard option on the NGX Ultra, AMI's flagship box fitted with two monitors, and can be enabled on the new NGX Mini 2 and legacy NGX models by installing the manufacturer's music video kit.

This week, the AMI Entertainment Network is launching its music video service in Canada, and will begin selling a video upgrade kit for the market that enables the jukebox to connect to TV screens on location. "The premium upgrade gives patrons the ability to watch music videos right alongside their favorite songs," AMI explained.

According to AMI, music video playback is simple, and blends seamlessly with the existing AMI jukebox experience. When selecting a song from a video-enabled jukebox or AMI's BarLink mobile app, patrons can choose to pay one extra credit to have music videos accompany their choices.

Because music video is offered as an option during standard song selection, it does not disrupt traditional audio jukebox usage. When a purchased video is not playing, the connected TVs, or the upper screen of the NGX Ultra, display AMI's promotional loop, which informs patrons about the new music video feature. AMI's video service also supports onsite advertising and promotions. Operators and locations can create and add ads to a box or location's TVs by using the AMI Ad Manager content management system.

Video is a proven option to increase revenue for operators and their locations, AMI reported. The NGX Ultra's top 32" W. monitor is reserved for video play only; the lower, smaller touchscreen is for music selection. AMI's upgrade kit includes a new video card and hard drive (loaded with music videos), along with an HDMI cable.

Canadian and U.S. jukebox operators can find an AMI representative by clicking here.