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AMI Entertainment Pushes Seven New Games To ML-1 Countertops

Posted On: 1/10/2012

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BRISTOL, PA -- When it released the ML-1 touchscreen countertop, AMI Entertainment Network Inc. promised to push new games to terminals in the field as soon as software is ready. In early December, the touchscreen videogame leader delivered its first updates, less than two months after the rollout of its new Internet-based platform, called Megatouch Live.

Updates to ML-1 machines, which are connected 24/7, include seven classic Megatouch games in various cognitive and competitive categories -- retouched for the new platform. Monster Madness 2, Photo Hunt Expedition and Dino Whiz are among the new titles.

New games will allow players to take advantage of Megatouch Live features, which allow them to track scores and performances from any ML-1 machine. Players can also collect points from new in-game challenges and share scores with friends on Facebook Connect and see how their own high scores compare with the top players. Another feature, called "tokens," works like virtual currency and can be used to acquire special abilities in any ML-1 game. Each of the seven new games has 10 challenges; players can add points to their score and accrue upgrades if they complete those contests.

Photo Hunt Expedition and Photo Hunt Expedition II in ML-1 configuration take the player on a voyage through time, discovering the wonders of the ancient world by uncovering hidden objects. The faster players complete a list of found treasures, the more points they receive to get to the next level and obtain bonuses.

Monster Madness 2 features a new cast of creepy creatures. AMI describes the puzzle game as three parts Boxxi and two parts classic monsters. By grouping two or more of the same items together, players try to knock down columns that have creatures perched at the top. Send them back to their graves by completing the Bombityville Horror challenge or choose the "shuffle" upgrade to create more matches.

Rock Mahjong takes the traditional Mahjong Solitaire and cranks it up to 11. Players uncover metal matches in this hyper version of the classic puzzle game.

Play4 Crossword was made for players who fancy the infectious fun of crossword puzzles, AMI reports, and introduces a fantastically fresh and newfangled format. Players require "feverishly fast" fingers to figure out the eight fused four-letter words. Beat the "perfectly played" challenge by solving a round without guessing a wrong letter.

Dino Whiz offers a new trivia experience. Players need to answer the questions to stay ahead of a pursuing dinosaur, using memory games at checkpoints to widen the gap. The Dino-Mite challenge is won by answering 100 questions correctly over multiple games.

Also new is Wordy Birds. These ornithological Einsteins eat bookworms and challenge players to create as many words as possible from the eight letters provided over the course of three rounds. Players receive "bo-nest" points for guessing a mystery word. The Birdsmith challenge is completed by creating an eight-letter word; use the "favorable letters" upgrade to receive common letters to make more words.

AMI's seven new games join more than three dozen HD titles released with Megatouch Live in October. The ML-1 terminal features a 22" multi-touch display, allowing several users to play games together. It connects to the AMI network through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, and is deployed by independent service providers who share 20% of machine revenue with AMI. | SEE STORY