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AMI Adds 9 Downloadable Titles To ML-1 Countertop Videogame's Menu

Posted On: 3/23/2012

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BRISTOL, PA -- AMI Entertainment Network Inc. has announced an expansion of the roster of games available for its newest countertop terminal. An automatic update, planned for the near future, will bring Megatouch Battle Arena games to connected ML-1 terminals for the first time.

The Battle Arena games have been designed specifically for the ML-1 countertop piece, and offer simultaneous multiplayer gaming on its 22" multi-touchscreen interface. AMI reports that its designers have striven to provide "the ultimate social gaming experience"; the concept enables operators to earn double the money in the same amount of time, compared to single-player games.

AMI Entertainment, Megatouch

Like all ML-1 titles, which run under the Megatouch Live operating system, the new Battle Arena games include 10 challenges and three upgrades for players to purchase, as well as a Battle Arena Leaderboard that allows players to keep track of their win/loss records.

On tap for the impending download are Photo Hunt Battle and Penthouse Photo Hunt Battle, which challenge contestants to detect the differences among five photos; Monster Madness Battle, in which the competitors race to group two or more identical items to knock down columns atop which perch "creepy creatures"; and Rock Mahjong Battle, a space-age enhancement of classic Mahjong Solitaire.

Word Dojo Battle invites players to put their spelling skills to the test, building words one letter at a time and scoring more points for longer words. Wordy Birds Battle continues the tradition of Wordster, requiring player to form as many words as possible from the eight letters supplied, over three rounds. And Funky Monkey Battle entails matching barrels with the same or consecutive numbers, with bonus points awarded to the player who clears the shelves of all the barrels.

Q Shot Battle also adds luster to a Megatouch tradition, challenging participants to swap pool balls to make color matches and clear the matched balls from the table. In-game upgrades, including Wild Balls and Shuffle, increase the chances of winning.

Beer Pong Battle involves pulling the ball backwards for correct aim and optimum power, then releasing it to shoot. The first player who makes all six cups, or has hit the most cups by the end of the round, wins; in-game upgrades like Big Ball and Exploding Ball give the player who activates them an advantage.

The update that introduces these nine new titles will be distributed automatically to connected ML-1 units, eliminating the need for on-premise upgrades. It's the latest in a line of regular ML-1 updates delivering new content while maintaining the celebrated Megatouch player experience.

AMI Entertainment Network provides entertainment to more than 125,000 barrooms and restaurants around the globe. The Megatouch Live platform and ML-1 terminal rolled out last fall. | SEE STORY