American Green To Sell CBD-Infused Drinks With Vessl Cap Through Its Age-Verified Vending Machines

Posted On: 11/25/2019

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PHOENIX, AZ -- American Green said it has signed an agreement with Vessl Inc. (Tempe, AZ) which owns a patented bottle closure that provides instant and pressurized mixing of ingredients stored in the bottle cap that is released immediately prior to consumption. American Green plans to use the technology to deliver pharmaceutical CBD to consumers just prior to the drink's consumption while extending the product's shelf life of the bottle's contents prior to sale or use.

Click here for a video on how the process works.

American Green will sell the drinks through its AGM age-verified vending machines, online at and in stores.

"We have had great success with our other drink products including Tea of a Kind which is distributed nationally through stores such as Whole Foods, and most recently our own thc-infused Kalvara which is sold in medical marijuana dispensaries," said Vessl director of business development Paul Ogburn. "We expect the same success following the launch of American Green's new flavored CBD drinks."

The patented Vessl cap stores perishable ingredients inside a nitrogen-pressurized chamber away from light and oxygen, both of which can degrade the quality and effectiveness of CBD products. The Vessl process also protects the CBD and flavored liquid from the harmful effects of oxidation caused by ultraviolet rays and heat.

This unique delivery system eliminates the need to add preservatives and chemical emulsifiers to the American Green CBD drink while ensuring that the CBD's potency is maintained. Both of these benefits are critical in assuring the customer achieves rapid effectiveness following the ingestion of the bottle contents, officials said.

American Green CBD is further enhanced with sonic, nano-emulsification, a process that uses sound waves to make the CBD water-soluble, which according to the company, enables it to disperse evenly in the beverage which ensures fast absorption by the user.

"We believe that this process also makes our product more bio-available thus providing more value to the consumer who counts on receiving the maximum effect from their purchase," according to Ogburn.

"American Green is extremely excited about our entry into the expanding CBD drink marketplace," said American Green president David Gwyther. "We believe our new proprietary drinks incorporated with the patented Vessl bottle caps are cutting edge and will give us early-entry opportunities into the United States market and global markets with our CBD drink products."