American Green Ships 'Product-Agnostic' Legal Cannabis Vending Machine

Posted On: 9/30/2016

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TAGS: automated cannabis product dispensing, pot vending machine, American Green, Green Machine version 3, David Gwyther, Tomassi patents, ZaZZZ pot vending machine

TEMPE, AZ -- The pioneer in the development of vending systems that dispense cannabis products (where they're legal) reports that its latest Green Machine is available for purchase. American Green said its upgrade to version 3 was undertaken on the basis of operator feedback and ongoing market analysis.

The manufacturer said that it has worked with leading biometrics companies around the world to ensure that a purchase fulfilled through the system can be accepted by governments and major banks.

"The old adage that frontline soldiers suffer the most casualties has proven true in American Green's case," said American Green chairman and acting president David Gwyther. "We are definitely on the frontier of legal cannabis in America. We always knew that. What's important is that the company stays focused and evolves toward the success I know we can be in this industry."

Gwyther said that vision of success is becoming clearer, allowing American Green to transform its engineering into a winning sales and service vending concept. In its early stages, the company leased, and carried Green Machines internally, placing the full financial burden of each on top of it. "Now we can report to our shareholders that we sell, and service what we sell," Gwyther said. "Our partners have provided us with the platform to provide the public with exactly what they want to buy."

Additionally, the Green Machine continues to be protected and enabled by the Tomassi patents, Gwyther said. These patents describe a vending machine that can conduct a biometric scan of the patron and compare the result with biometric data stored on that patron's identification card.

American Green began testing its original network-enabled legal-cannabis venders under the ZaZZZ brand name. The second version, which took the field late in 2014, was the manufacturer's initial implementation of the Tomassi technology. | SEE STORY

The new Green Machine is the third generation.