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Allstar Vending: Tats Try To Shock And Please; Dress-Up Girls Return

Posted On: 4/20/2012

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Allstar Flat Merchandise April 2012

POINT-CLAIRE, QC, Canada -- At Allstar Vending, new flat and bulk lines could add a little spring fever to vending machines.

Terror Tattoos 2 is "guaranteed to make operators a killing," Allstar said. Inspired by the most terrifying horror film characters, the new line includes 10 designs of memorable psychos like Chucky, Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter, Leatherface and The Joker. The tattoos are intricately detailed with a muted color palette and flashes of red.

"Our first series did exceptionally well," said Allstar vice-president Sharon Shlien. "Everyone loves a villain, and our latest series features a whole new slew of popular 'bad boys.'"

In the same vein, Flesh Tattoos is a new Allstar concept. After one is applied, a tattoo will look like it's ripping up through the wearer's skin. A red devil, wolverine-like claw and costume inspired by Spider-Man are among 20 designs in the Flesh series, which Allstar predicts will be trendsetting.

For 2" capsules, Allstar is offering Tattoo Bracelets and lace-inspired Tattoo Necklaces. The multicolored rubber bracelets, which can stretch, have funky designs that appeal to the tastes of both male and female vending patrons. The necklaces are said to be realistic, easily passing for real tattoos. Allstar suggests 50¢ vends for these items.

Allstar's Dress-Up Girls returns this spring for its seventh season. The stickers come with different outfits and accessories, much like paper dolls, to offer long-lasting play value to little girls. The new series has 15 characters, including a vampire girl, a genie and various superheroes.

"We were the first in the industry to introduce the Dress-Up Girls 10 years ago, and it continues to be one of our best sellers," said Allstar president and founder Mryna Dorfman.