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Allstar Expands Vend Line With Tweety Figurines

Posted On: 12/13/2006

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POINTE CLAIRE, PQ, Canada -- Allstar Vending has been awarded rights to distribute capsuled Tweety figurines in North America on behalf of Cool Things, an Italian company that holds the license for the product line.

With this addition, Allstar now offers merchandise in every category of bulk vending. "We incorporated capsuled products into our lineup last year, and have had great success," said the company's Adam Dorfman. "However, one class of item that had eluded Allstar was a 2-in. capsuled licensed product that would bring a $1 vend. With the new Tweety items, our menu is complete."

Allstar now provides both licensed and generic stickers, tattoos and capsuled products for flat and bulk vending, as well as an assortment of gums, candies and redemption novelties. The vend product supplier said it will introduce Tweety line extensions on a regular basis, providing operators with merchandising continuity.

The launch of its Tweety merchandise starts with two series -- Tweety Flower Pots and Tweety Fruits. Proven sellers internationally, Allstar tested both lines in machines on location for more than three months and reports impressive results.

According to Dorfman, patrons seem eager to collect the entire series, which the company partially attributes to a color-picture insert included inside of each capsule that depicts all other figurines in the respective series.

The Tweety Flower Pots line consists of eight different figurines, each with its own flower-pot costume design and facial expression. The mini Tweeties are interchangeable, adding a fun twist to the product while encouraging patrons to collect the entire set. Each Tweety is attached to a strap, allowing customers to decorate cellphones, purses and other accessories with the figurines.

The Tweety Fruits series includes nine interchangeable figures that are scented to match the different fruit costumes. Designs in the series also have unique facial expressions and straps.

Both series of Tweety 2-in. capsuled figurines are available in bags of 100 and ship two bags per box. Each box contains a free full-color display card.

The Tweety Bird character, created by Bob Clampett, emerged from Warner Bros.' popular "Loony Tunes" and "Merrie Melodies" animated cartoon series in 1942. Today, Tweety is considered among the most popular of the Loony Tunes characters, along with Taz and Bugs Bunny, and has great appeal among the younger female demographic.

Cool Things, a division of International Games Trade, maintains facilities in Italy. The division manufactures a variety of products and holds agreements with Warner Bros. and Marvel for the production and marketing of capsuled toys, balls and licensed plush merchandise for the bulk vending and amusement industries.

Allstar Vending manufactures flat, gumball and capsule venders, as well as stickers, tattoos and other vendible items for the bulk vending and amusement industries. Headquartered in Pointe Claire, Canada, the company enjoys worldwide distribution of its products, and operates its own vending routes throughout Canada. Allstar maintains a website at