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Allstar Expands 1" Line, Hails Angry Birds Flat Merchandise Success

by Staff Reporter
Posted On: 11/14/2011

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Allstar November 11 New Products

POINTE-CLAIRE, QC, Canada -- Allstar Vending has unveiled two 1" bulk capsule items, Frog Flingers and Cross Jewelry. The company also reports that its new Angry Birds-themed stickers and temporary tattoos have proven extraordinarily successful in the flat vending marketplace.

The 1" Frog Flingers were developed in response to the ready acceptance of the company's 2" Flippin' Frog Flingers (see VT, August). The small, colorful batrachians are formed of an elastic self-adhesive material that imparts unusual properties to them. Shot from the hand by use of the time-honored rubberband technique, Frog Flingers have a maximum range of 30 feet. They will stick to hard surfaces like walls and ceilings. Frog Flingers are offered in green, blue, yellow and red; the 1" capsule is designed for vending at 25¢.

The 1" Cross Jewelry mix ("Jewellery" in Canada and the United Kingdom) is an assortment of jeweled, gold or silver-toned necklaces along with stretchy rubber band cross bracelets in a spectrum of colors. The crosses, primarily of Latin pattern, include traditional medieval styles with ruby stones as well as modern designs. Recommended vend price is 25¢.

Allstar also reports that its Angry Birds-themed flat vending products continue to gain altitude (see VT, September). Stickers and temporary tattoos based on the smash-hit mobile game appear to be following the same trajectory as the memorable SpongeBob craze.

Featuring the colorful bird and pig protagonists of the game, which was released for Apple's iPhones in 2009, the Angry Birds flat products have won immediate strong acceptance. "The Angry Birds phenomenon has taken over all retail platforms, including flat vending," reported Allstar vice-president Sharon Shlien. "We have sold more than one million pieces in a very short timespan, and operators continue to report record sales."