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All-American Chicken Machine Seeks To Revitalize Animated Bulk Venders

Posted On: 2/8/2011

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All American Chicken

OCEANSIDE, NY -- Lifelong bulk industry member Frank Parisi has unveiled a 21st-century version of the classic animated bulk vender. The All American Chicken Vending Machine has been designed to combine today's technology with the perennial appeal of the chicken-themed machine that became an operator favorite more than three decades ago.

"Young children through teens and adults all want to be entertained," Parisi observed. The new All American Chicken vending machine provides "a consistently delightful display of state-of-the art music, lights and motion," he noted, and delivers a premium toy as the climax of every transaction.

The animated chicken, outfitted for a variety of popular sports, resides in a livelier environment than its ancestor. The sturdy steel cabinet has a compact 23" x 23" footprint, stands 55" high, and is equipped with flashing lights and a state-of-the-art sound system that plays not only modern music, but also custom chicken sounds. When a vend is initiated, the chicken rotates as part of an audiovisual performance.

The new machine can accommodate coins or tokens, as well as banknotes. It is supplied with two coin mechs and a meter; a bill validator is offered as an option. It can be set for $1 or 50¢ pricing. Parisi noted that ability to vend with coins or tokens at different price points is a standard feature.

Parisi grew up in the bulk industry, and recalls that his introduction to vending equipment began on the day of his birth: industry pioneer Roger Folz and wife Adele presented his family with a commemorative vending machine.

As a member of the rising generation, Parisi has grown increasingly concerned with the inability of the industry's traditional technology to attract today's youngsters.

"Machines were simply fading into the background of our high-impact, technology-saturated society," he said. "Potential new customers -- the youth of today -- were simply not interested at all." This compelled him to develop a solution, and the new All American Chicken machine is the result.

A machine that not only entertains, but also delivers a prize every time, encourages customers to spend more time at the machine, and to engage onlookers in the experience, encouraging them to "play" the machine too, Parisi pointed out. And the likelihood that customers will patronize the vender on repeated visits also bolsters return on investment.

Information may be had by calling All American Chicken at (888) GUMNTOY [486-6869] or visiting the company's website,