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Al (Peanuts) Swiderski Expands Internet Pay Workstation Operation

Posted On: 3/4/2014

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TAGS: vending, peanut vending machine routes, banknote-accepting actuator, Cyber Cat Internet workstation, Internet terminal, Alan (Peanuts) Swiderski, bulk vending CAT Rack, coin-op Internet
Alan (Peanuts) Swiderski, bulk vending CAT Rack, CyberCat, Coin-Op Internet

NEW YORK CITY -- Alan (Peanuts) Swiderski is well known to the bulk vending industry for his peanut machine routes in the Northeast and more recently for his development of a banknote-accepting actuator for multiple bulk venders. He began developing his new payment system as a result of his work with pay-per-use Internet terminals. He is the inventor of the Cyber Cat Internet workstation, and reports that he recently agreed to the friendly takeover of his largest competitor's Internet terminal accounts. The seller and terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"Acquiring these accounts gave us the operating platform we required, and we have agreed to build systems for them as needed," Swiderski told VT. He added that his organization has worked hard over the years to develop the banknote-activated workstation, and avoided publicizing its efforts until it was ready to put the electronic controllers into low-volume production.

"The company that we agreed to take over were the best operators in the Metro NY area, in my opinion," he amplified. "They really did everything right." The real obstacle to success with the promising Internet pay terminal service concept for public locations was a lack of good software to control the systems. After attempting for several years to persuade the industry's suppliers to rectify the deficiencies, Swiderski set out to do it himself.

"After thousands of hours of research and development and threats of a patent infringement suit, I was able to complete the systems, test them and manufacture the electronics," he reported. "We are in a great position to rebuild the failed pay-per-use Internet workstation segment. We have gotten orders from other café operators and vendors along with this recent takeover. Our build-boards are full of orders; it feels like I am back in the '80s!"

Swiderski explained that he also is moving forward in bulk vending, having recently acquired a small operating company. Complexities involving patent protection for his banknote-activated Cat Rack bulk vending machine controller, and his own dissatisfaction with a few of its features, are being overcome.

"We will be testing dollar bill activated peanut machines and bulk venders in the next few months in the metropolitan New York City market," he told VT. The results of those tests and his design of a new coin mechanism for the bulk venders that host the bill-activated systems will determine the release date for the perfected, market-tested banknote payment systems. He expects to start production by next year.