Airsled Vending Mover Saves Time, Labor When Installing Machines

Posted On: 10/21/2019

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FRICTIONLESS: Installer uses a pair of Airsled air beams and shoulder-carried blower to float a vending machine into place. Airsled Vending Mover speeds and simplifies moving and installing equipment, especially in tight spots. The system includes accessory plastic Rough Surface Adapters to assist in floating machines across porous surfaces like carpeting.

NEWARK, DE -- Airsled is well-known to the vending industry. Founded in 1982 to market a novel low-pressure air cushion technology that eliminates friction, Airsled immediately recognized an opportunity to develop a load-movement product that would be especially useful to vending professionals for moving large, bulky and heavy vending machines in many environments. It quickly found favor with operators and soft-drink bottlers.

In 2018, Airsled came under new ownership, with Stan Kanevsky joining the company as president and chief executive officer. He has focused on enhancing and expanding the product portfolio by introducing new models and accessories.

Kanevsky also has led the transformation of the company’s website to improve its ability to share information about Airsled’s technology and products. Though Airsled has been serving vending professionals and others for more than 30 years, the new president sees tremendous opportunity to expand brand and product awareness and reach, because of the underlying value Airsled delivers to end-users.

Airsled’s Vending Movers create a hovercraft-like effect to “float” vending machines on a cushion of air over nonporous surfaces like tile, wood and concrete floors. Unlike dollies, pallet jacks and carts that rely on wheels or casters, Airsled systems spread the vending machine’s weight over 12 x 39-inch-wide “air beams,” which substantially reduces the risk of floor damage. Airsled systems also provide precise control and maneuverability when working in tight spaces, and in many situations can help reduce the manpower required for vending machine moves. Finally, because Airsled’s Vending Movers reduce the physical effort required to move machines, operator safety is greatly increased. 

Airsled offers two Vending Mover models. Each can lift up to 1,400 lbs. and comes with a blower -- a powerful handheld industrial vacuum cleaner -- and  two 12” x 39” x 3/16” air beams with the necessary blower connectors, as well as four plastic Rough Surface Adapters that can help create a smooth track for floating over non-porous surfaces like carpet.

The VM2400 is the base model; the companion VM2401 adds vacuum capability and includes the necessary filter bag, tubes and nozzles to enable quick cleanup. The Vending Movers and accessories are compatible with more than 99% of existing vending machines.

Click here to view videos showing Airsled in action.

AIRSLED AIR BEAMS: Basic Airsled vending mover (left) includes two air beams, a portable blower and four accessory rough surface adapters. At right, air beams in place under a machine and connected to the blower, which creates a layer of air at high pressure between the floor and the air beams. The resulting surface effect lifts the machine and eliminates friction.