Airlift's Shoutouts Allow Micromarket Users To Send Gifts

Posted On: 6/17/2016

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TAGS: Airlift, Shoutout micromarket rewards, vending, Sandeep Phadke, Minda Brusse, micro market

Airlift, Shoutout micromarket rewards, vending BELLEVUE, WA -- Now available at Airlift's micromarket kiosks are Shoutouts, a POS upsell feature that allows patrons to purchase a gift and email it to a friend, coworker or other micromarket user. A Shoutout is offered in the form of Airlift funds, captured in a QR code and sent with a personal message from the giver. Recipients redeem a Shoutout by scanning the QR code when they check out at their Airlift market. They receive "favorable" Airlift pricing, even if they are not account holders.

Airlift account holders purchasing Shoutouts can also broadcast a short message on kiosks, companywide or within a designated range.

"With Shoutouts, we can shift significant employee recognition spending into Airlift markets," said cofounder Sandeep Phadke. "By adding company dollars to employee spending, Airlift becomes a revenue-generating platform, not just a cost-savings kiosk."

In feedback sessions, HR leaders and employees interviewed by Airlift mentioned the lack of a mechanism for informal employee rewards and recognition. "Unlike store gift cards, Shoutouts are personal and immediate. The opportunity to share a recognition message on the kiosk adds that social element," explained Airlift cofounder Minda Brusse.

Airlift introduced its iPad-controlled self-checkout kiosk in April. The company is reportedly releasing new features for it every month; updates, like Shoutouts, are pushed remotely through the system's cloud-based infrastructure. Airlift's founders say the their micromarket design can even serve locations with small workforce populations.

Phadke held senior technology and management roles at Microsoft and Amazon before starting Airlift. Brusse began her career at Accenture as a high-tech industry consultant before getting involved with startup tech companies. She has experience in retail management, program management and software product development.