Aguavida Vending Machine Dispenses Free Alkaline Water For A Tweet Or Post

Posted On: 12/20/2016

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Aguavida Premium Water, water vending machine LOS ANGELES -- Aguavida Premium Water is giving away free refills of its alkaline water from a vending machine in exchange for a tweet or a post on the company's Facebook wall. The machine, which is located at the Whole Foods in Venice, CA, dispenses alkaline water from 1 liter up to 5 gallons. It accepts cash and credit cards and Apple and Android Pay.

Alkaline water has a growing following who believe that it helps the body metabolize nutrients and expel toxins more efficiently than regular tap water, leading to better health.

Aguavida is hoping to get people even more excited about the green bulk shopping practice by integrating social media to promote its water and connect with new customers. Shoppers simply visit the machine, place their own containers and exchange their tweets or Facebook posts for a free gallon of alkaline water.

"Aguavida strives to reinvent the bulk water vending business," said APW president Andrea Ardila. "Our business is not selling water; our business relies on giving people a new, healthy way to hydrate, while providing the best experience possible. Everything is relevant to us, from how we purify our water to how we distribute it."

Aguavida manufactures and operates water vending machines in California, and sells them worldwide. Read more about them here.