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Adrenaline Launches Black Out Merchandiser, Licenses Lane Splitter

Posted On: 3/3/2013

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Adrenaline, Blackout

TERREBONNE, QC, Canada -- New from Adrenaline Amusements is Black Out, a skill-based videogame merchandiser with a novel user interface. Its transparent touchscreen LCD allows users to view prize offerings through the play screen in attract mode, and then changes to an opaque multitouch playfield for play.

In transparent mode before and after play, an onlooker has a clear view of prize offerings mounted on 12 spindles. Each spindle can accommodate multiple prizes, depending on their sizes. The company suggests devoting nine spindles to minor prizes, ranging in value from $10 to $25, and the remaining three spindles to prizes worth $100 or more.

Black Out is the second original videogame introduced by Adrenaline (Kaboom was the first). Its distinctive interface is designed to add a new dimension to the intuitive touchscreen play by providing a small backstory: Villains called Gouranos have darkened the sun with their black gooey substance, and the player has five tries to flick the friendly "goolious" over the sun to cover 100% of its surface to win a major prize. Covering 95% of the solar disc earns a minor prize.

The Canadian game developer has filed a patent application for its new prize-merchandising concept. "As far as I know, Black Out is the first and only product to come to market with this transparent screen technology," said Adrenaline vice-president of art and innovation Stephanie Pichette. "There have been some tech demos at trade shows, but no real product."

Adrenaline, Lane Splitter

Housed in an eye-catching slanted cabinet that shows off the game's large touchscreen, Black Out measures a relatively compact 30" L. x 32" W. x 80" H., and weighs 450 lbs.

The company has also introduced a licensed videogame, Lane Splitter Extreme, with a similar cabinet configuration. As with many of Adrenaline's previous games, such as Fruit Ninja, the new title is licensed and modified from a smartphone game. In this one, a pair of motorcycle handlebars replaces the touchscreen, adding a play dimension not available on the downloadable app typically played in the palm of the hand.

Lane Splitter Extreme challenges players to steer a motorcycle through highway traffic -- a maneuver known as "lane splitting" in motorcycle jargon -- without crashing. The original smartphone game app boasts more than 12 million downloads, so it's familiar to a wide range of players. Adrenaline's arcade version measures 34" L. x 52" W. x 84" H., and weighs 390 lbs.