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AAMA Updates Titles And Terms - Chairman Is Out, And So Is Coin-Op

Posted On: 4/7/2013

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LAS VEGAS -- The American Amusement Machine Association has made two changes to the organization's application of language in its bylaws that it says "better reflect today's industry."

The first involves titles. The title of board chairman has been changed to president, and likewise board vice-chairman is now vice-president. John Margold of AMI Entertainment and Peter Gustafson of Sega Amusements, respectively, hold these two elected positions. John Schultz, who holds AAMA's top administrative post, which had the previous title of president, is now the association's executive vice-president.

A second modification retires the term "coin-operated" in describing the amusement machine industry and replaces it with "revenue-generating" -- as in revenue-generating amusement machines.

Many in the industry have felt for some time that "coin-op" is archaic, since most unattended vending and amusement devices, with the exception of bulk venders, are equipped with bill validators and more recently cashless systems for activating a sale. The Amusement and Music Owners Association of New York, for instance, describes its members' assets as "player-operated amusement devices," a term now employed by the New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs, which regulates coin-operated amusement devices, or COAD.

But for AAMA, the association and industry are still very much about coins, especially the dollar denomination. AAMA is among the leading advocates for eliminating the $1 bill to promote circulation of $1 coins, and has made several trips to Washington to broach the topic with lawmakers. It can also be found online at, a handy domain name. The new AAMA site syndicates news from, which covers the coin machine industry.

The AAMA's board of directors approved changes to the overall language of its bylaws, which also included modernizing the classification of companies and clarifying directors' duties, during its March Amusement Expo meeting in Las Vegas.