AAMA Board Of Directors Votes Unanimously To Make Compliance With Fair Play Pledge A Condition Of Membership

Posted On: 5/4/2017

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Source: American Amusement Machine Association | Released May 4, 2017

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- May 4, 2017 -- The American Amusement Machine Association's board of directors has voted to adopt a Fair Play Pledge. AAMA's executive vice-president, Pete Gustafson, sent this note to AAMA's entire membership.

To All AAMA Members,

I am extremely proud to share with you that today, your association has taken a stand that ensures all the games our members manufacturer, distribute, and operate provide an opportunity for players to win with every game played. Compliance with the Fair Play Pledge is now a requirement for membership in the American Amusement Machine Association.

What does this mean?

By adopting the Fair Play Pledge, the AAMA Board of Directors sends a message to the playing public that the games our members offer are fair -- that through the application of skill, every player has an opportunity to win. No other industry association requires their members certify compliance to such a high standard making membership in AAMA something you should all be very proud of.

The genesis of the FPP goes back to 2013 when legislators in California proposed punitive regulations governing amusement games. This was our call to action. The leadership at AAMA realized our industry was vulnerable to overreaching legislation and/or regulation.

We needed a defensible position.

A conversation began that involved some our industries most progressive thought-leaders. Four years later, the final draft of the FPP was approved by a unanimous vote of AAMA's BOD.

The FPP harkens back to the creation of AAMA's Parental Advisory System. AAMA's PAS grew out of legislative challenges to video game content. AAMA rightfully recognized this extremely serious threat had far reaching consequences. Working with what is now our Washington Lobbyist, Dentons, we were able to fend off these threats and create a rating system showing lawmakers we were capable of policing ourselves. The FPP demonstrates the same willingness to self-regulate as the PAS did. I'm quite confident that like the PAS, the FPP will prove it's worth the next time the content of one of our amusement games is challenged. It provides us with a "Drawer Statement" that succinctly states who we are and of equal or perhaps more importance, who we're not.

I would be remiss without acknowledging all the people who selflessly contributed their talents, knowledge, passion and time in bringing the FPP to fruition. It's a list of industry luminaries that includes:

Jon Brady, Joe Camarota, David Cohen, Ralph Coppola, Frank Cosentino, Nick Farley, Chris Felix, Bob Geschine, Holly Hampton, Eugene Jarvis, Rick Kirby, Glen Kramer, John Schultz, Tina Schwartz, Al Kress, Sal Miranda, Chuck Peitz, Gaetan Philippon, Neal Rosenberg, Scott Shaffer, George Smith and Eric Vestraeten.

Were it not for this group of committed individuals, I wouldn't be writing this today.

The FPP represents what's possible when people with integrity, character and a healthy sense of urgency set aside their biases and work together toward the common good. What they did is good and I assure you, of great benefit to every member of this association.

So today, be proud of what you're a part of. By being a member of AAMA, you can now say you stand for something truly decent.

ABOUT: Founded in 1981, AAMA is an international nonprofit trade organization representing manufacturers, distributors, parts suppliers and operators involved in the amusement and family entertainment center industry. AAMA's board of directors, elected by its members, governs the association and committees. It works with association staff to develop programs that promote and protect the industry.

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