7-Eleven Tests Fizzics Self-Chilling Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee

Posted On: 5/15/2018

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IRVING, TX -- 7-Eleven Inc. is rolling out Fizzics sparkling cold brew coffee in what is reportedly the first self-chilling cans available to the public in the U.S. During the test launch, the Fizzics drinks are available exclusively at select participating 7-Eleven stores.

Created by Joseph Co. International Inc., the Chill-Can technology filled with the Fizzics coffee drink is being tested at 15 Los Angeles-area 7-Eleven stores. It's available in regular, French vanilla and caramel. Made with 100% Arabica beans and all-natural flavors, each 8.4-fl.oz. can of the fizzy brew contains only 50 calories, 10 g. of sugar and less than 80 mg. of caffeine.

The Chill-Can containers are purchased at ambient temperature and chilled when ready to consume. When activated, the technology uses reclaimed CO2 and the process automatically chills the can and the sparkling coffee beverage inside.

The chilling is activated by placing the can on a flat surface, turning it upside down and twisting the base until a constant hissing noise can be heard. Once the hissing stops, within 75 to 90 seconds, the can is ready to be returned to an upright position and consumed.

The Chill-Can and the MicroCool technology created by Joseph Co. International uses a built-in heat-exchange unit in concert with reclaimed CO2 to create its chilling technology. The process uses CO2 that is recaptured from the atmosphere and is reused. The Chill-Can is 100% recyclable and does not introduce any new CO2 to the atmosphere.