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24/7 Pizza Box Marries Local Pizzerias With Vending Machines

Posted On: 4/24/2015

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LAS VEGAS -- Billing itself as the "world's smallest pizzeria," 24/7 Pizza Box Inc. says its new vending machine will automate neighborhood pizza sales by the slice. Operators got their first look at the concept during the National Automatic Merchandising Association's OneShow this week in Las Vegas.

The company had only a life-size photo rendition of the vender and its cooking mechanism on display, but said it is working on the finishing touches and will beta test the pizza machine this fall.

The way it will work is that the 24/7 Pizza Box vending operator will partner with his or her local pizzeria. The pizzeria will load individual slices into cartridges provided by the operator and store them in its walk-in cooler. The operator will then retrieve the cartridges to replenish their machines, and return the empty ones to the pizzeria for refilling.

24/7 Pizza Box is outfitted with a 24" touchscreen on which customers make their selections from two choices (typically plain and pepperoni) and pay using cash, credit or debit card, or a mobile payment like Apple Pay. The machine features DEX and MDB interfaces, and is equipped with a telemeter for Internet connectivity.

A user is prompted before making a purchase to enter their name so the machine can indicate which slice is theirs next to one of three slots from which it will be dispensed. They can also enter their email addresses and phone numbers to receive special offers at the pizzeria and earn loyalty points at the machine.

The pizza is baked in a conveyor oven and dispensed in two minutes or less in a cardboard tray. The machine can hold 144 individually sealed slices and vend 115 slices an hour, according to the company. The product typically has a three- to five-day refrigerated shelf life, which the company said would be determined by the pizzeria supplying it.

Each machine will be branded to promote the featured pizzeria and the touchscreen will feature its menu and special offers. The screens can also be used to promote the vending operator's services and have potential for additional third-party advertising.

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PHOTO: Bill Cook shows off a 3D model of the 24/7 Pizza Box at NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas. The pizza is baked in a conveyor oven (right) and dispensed in two minutes or less in a cardboard tray. A fully integrated vending machine is expected to be ready and working by the fall.