About Vending Times


VENDING TIMES addresses the business, legal, legislative and regulatory concerns of companies providing industrial, institutional and public vending, refreshment, feeding and recreational services. These companies include operators of food, beverage and other merchandise vending equipment as well as manual foodservice, micromarkets, office beverage and snack delivery systems; and music and amusement equipment and services. We have produced original content since 1961, and that expert journalism has been shared extensively online for the past two decades. Our online publication has grown into the industry’s most widely -viewed website, with the largest and most influential social media following.  We maintain a robust website and dispatch daily email newsletters, along with electronic product showcases and other special editions. All offer timely,  original content which help build awareness for readers  and generate sales for our advertisers.


VENDING TIMES provides information to operators engaged in supplying refreshment vending and foodservice, manual and mobile food and beverage, bulk confection and novelty vending, and amusement and music services to clients on route delivery or onsite bases. These clients include commercial and industrial establishments, colleges and universities, hospitals and other healthcare providers, elementary and secondary schools, and places of public resort, such as airports and other transportation depots, hotels and motels, restaurants and taverns, and family entertainment centers.


Subscribers to VENDING TIMES include independent and national-chain vending and manual foodservice operators, mobile caterers, micromarket operators, office refreshment service operators, music and amusement operators, and bulk vending operators, as well as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and brokers of equipment, products and support services used by these operators in the conduct of their businesses. Also qualified are managers of vending and food services for commercial, industrial and institutional organizations, and executives of trade associations serving the industry.


VENDING TIMES is a trade magazine founded in 1961 to serve the coin-op industry. It went online with a pioneering news service that now has more than 15,000 opt-in email subscribers.

VT was established when a veteran vending operator and trade association executive got together with an innovator in business publishing with extensive experience in consumer packaged goods advertising to launch a monthly newspaper. They saw the need for a publication that would address the whole vending industry: not just the glamorous new full-line segment, nor the strong soft-drink bottling segment, but also the operators of street cigarette, candy and jukebox routes.

That focus required VENDING TIMES to pay close attention to what operators actually were doing, regardless of what marketers unfamiliar with the industry wanted them to do. As cigarette vendors diversified into candy, coffee, cold drinks – thus becoming “four-C” operators – VT tracked that movement, whether or not it continued into full-line vending by adding food, milk and ice cream. At the same time, if a company that had evolved from bulk machines to full-line vending addressed a local demand for reliable street cigarette, music and games services (and many did), VT followed that progress also.

By 1969, it was apparent that this approach conformed to the coin machine business as it really was. We could extend it to cover the emergence of businesses that converged on vending (like office coffee service and mobile catering). The publication prospered, growing out of its tabloid-newspaper infancy into a full-color magazine printed on coated stock. We folded in a sister publication, VT Music & Games, and added a separate section on bulk vending. Two years later, VENDING TIMES acquired the pioneer industry publication, Vend, which had been launched in 1946. We followed the sometimes surprising development of vending and its related enterprises through the economic, social and technological transformations of the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. We continue to do so.

VENDING TIMES always has contended that route operation of merchandise vending and coin-op entertainment equipment, and provision of related services to the locations served on these routes, is in fact one industry. Those services vary with changes in the workplace and institutional markets, and with the advent of new technology. They have included mobile industrial catering and manual foodservice; they now include unattended cashless micromarket retail facilities. Each segment’s priorities and concerns will vary with geography and over time, but many of the same people are active in more than one of them. Entry (and exit) is easy for knowledgeable local route delivery companies with trucks and skilled personnel on the street. This always has been, and remains, largely an entrepreneurial business, created and led by people who follow the needs of their markets very closely, and act imaginatively to meet them.

In our view, the validity of the “all one industry” viewpoint has never been more apparent than it is at present. As we near the end of 2019, VENDING TIMES has now taken the next step in its evolution with its digital-only format.  We continue to keep the brand relevant, engage readers and enhance connection. VENDING TIMES remains the only news source that represents the total industry as it actually exists, although there always is more to learn about its complexity and its appeal to imaginative entrepreneurs.