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Issue Date: Vol. 52, No. 11, November 2012, Posted On: 11/6/2012

Bold Cabinet Colors And Winner-Every-Time Play Expand Key Master Options

Nick Montano
TAGS: vending machine, amusement machine, arcade game, prize merchandising, Sega Amusements, Key Master, Key Master Colors, winner every time Key Master, coin machine, coin-op game, Pete Gustafson, Vince Moreno

Sega Key Master Colors

Sega Amusements is expanding the scope of its Key Master amusement vending machine with two new options. New cabinet colors create visual distinctions between games operating alongside each other, and an upgrade for winner-every-time play allows small prizes in capsules to be dispensed from any Key Master.

The five varieties in Key Master Colors are coral pink, lemon yellow, ice blue, orange sherbet and electric lime. "These colors allow operators to place visually distinct games in the same location and merchandise them for individual demographics," explained Sega general manager Pete Gustafson. "We envision operators placing Coach purses, manicure coupons and day spa certificates in coral pink, next to ice blue loaded with team sports apparel, handheld game consoles and Madden 13 game software, next to an electric lime game fitted with high-end personal electronics."

Sega thought hard about its new cabinet colors, Gustafson noted, and studied the color palettes used by brands like Nike and Apple for its products. "Our objective was to create an array that was contemporary and visually stimulating."

The new colors were suggested by some savvy operators who wanted in a new look for their prize merchandisers, which normally are an appliance-white monochrome. For these operators, the color options would not only create an attractive multi-machine bank, but they would also allow them to offer different prize themes targeting dissimilar customer tastes.

All versions of Key Master fit in the same 39" x 38" footprint (the machine is 73" high).

To create more Key Master appeal for kids, Sega's winner-every-time kit allows operators to vend 1.25" capsules (33mm.) that can be filled with gumballs or super balls for the machine. The kit includes a capsule hopper, prize chute, "Winner Every Time" decals and steel basket that can increase hopper capacity to 500 units.

Sega Key Master Win Every Time Kit

Key Master's controller already supports this new configuration. And the vending mechanism is installed behind the main service door, at the front of the machine, making service easy to access.

The winner-every-time feature was designed primarily for FECs. Sega's Vince Moreno explained, "FECs have three notable distinctions from street locations. One, a high percentage operate with debit card systems or with tokens. Two, players have much higher dwell times than in street venues. And three, they're visited frequently by families with young children."

PHOTO: All Key Masters support winner-every-time programming. Above, kit components install behind front door. Prizes vend through capsule exit [inset].

So what does this mean? Kids often roam an FEC with loaded debit cards or token cups, see prizes they like in machines, play, lose and eventually deplete their credits. "Now kids can get something just for playing," Moreno said.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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