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Attracting And Rejecting Millennials Is Easier Than Most Operators Think
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 6, June 2017
Oh, those darned millennials. With the entrance of this new generation into the marketplace, all manner of entertainment, including coin-op, is witnessing the largest demographic shift in our nation's history... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Forget The Good Ol' Days: They Weren't All That Good
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 5, May 2017
One of the most striking changes in the business world over the past several decades has not been technology, globalization or even the changing nature of work itself. The most interesting change, to my mind, has been the evolution of management style... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks Is Not Only Possible, But Vital To Business Success
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 4, April 2017
As every amusement and bulk vending operator knows, it pays to take a thorough inventory. It is not unusual for operators to have an exact count of product, equipment, tools and even office supplies... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

An Operator's Most Valuable Asset Remains Under-Analyzed And Often Underutilized
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 3, March 2017
Very recently I was chatting with a veteran operator about assets. He was adamant about where he saw his place in the coin-op industry and the business world at large. Interestingly, he neglected to include locations when he was discussing his many and varied assets... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

You Don't Know What You Don't Know, But The Answers Might Be In Dallas
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 2, February 2017
Not surprisingly, Amusement Expo International, which takes place March 14 through 16 in Dallas, is promising to be among the more important trade shows in recent years. The venue has changed from Las Vegas to Dallas, and the show looks as if it will build on the momentum of optimism and spirit of innovation apparent at the past few expositions... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Keep That New Year Optimism Going For As Long As Possible
Issue: Vol. 57, No. 1, January 2017
Now is the time we traditionally take stock of ourselves and businesses, followed by a long, hard look to the future. If the good times are rolling, it seems as if they will roll on forever. If gloom has descended, we try to puzzle out just when it will give way to sunshine and rainbows. Needless to say, the pundits are there to chime in on their findings... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Hard Data Vs. Gut Instinct
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 12, December 2016
Businesspeople today are faced with a quandary that is proving particularly frustrating for even the best and brightest. How do you weigh rapidly increasing quantifiable data against the instinctual and anecdotal when making business decisions? Numbers do not lie, but they can shade the truth in funny ways... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

The Few, The Cynical And The Impermanent: Motivating Today's Young Workers
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 11, November 2016
Not long ago I had a conversation with a manager in the amusement business. When it turned to employees, I was shocked by his primary concern. It wasn't theft, turnover or wages -- it was getting them to value the job beyond the weekly paycheck... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Defining Coin-Op As Amenity, Or Seeking An Amenity For Coin-Op?
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 10, October 2016
Sometimes it proves productive to think about business in a new way. Scientists call these exercises "thought experiments." Even the toughest of the hardnosed businessmen find value, if only occasionally, in these flights of fancy. With that in mind, let me propose a somewhat unconventional way to look at coin-operated amusement machines... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

The Secret To Adding Value To Street Locations Is In The Hoopla
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 9, September 2016
Ubiquitous smartphones and eager networkers hold promise for getting full effect from promotional programs. Operators need to look at social networks as traffic-builders... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

The State Of Coin-Op Play: Static Answers Can't Address Dynamic Questions
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 8, August 2016
The British have an expression, "state of play," which is genius on a number of different levels. Loosely translated, it means "current situation." But in the subtext conveys a suggestion of action that the current situation is naturally in a state of flux -- like a soccer game... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

The Moore's Law Generation, Where There Is Always Something New
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 6, June 2016
Military legend has it that Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller once said, "They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29 to one. They can't get away from us now!" It was a call to action. I imagine many vending and amusement operators might feel they are in old Chesty's position these days... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Is Coin-Op Ready For Portable Device To Brick-And-Mortar Convergence?
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 5, May 2016
Millennials have shown that they enjoy interactive shopping in physical as well as virtual venues. FEC-goers soon may expect personalized, on-site experiences mediated by their smartphones. Some very basic initial programs to build engagement might include bonus gameplay coupons, redemption-point tracking and food and beverage discounts... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

How Social Media Can Quickly Escalate Small Problems Into A Public Relations Nightmare
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 4, April 2016
When a low-level employee at Yelp publically complained online about her low salary, the company responded quickly and decisively. She was summarily fired, at which point she went public about her termination... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Getting Back To Basics Means Understanding Your Business
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 3, March 2016
When in doubt, I like to return to first principles. I revisit the most basic foundational element of the subject in question... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Stop Worrying And Start Managing Innovation
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 2, February 2016
Innovation is a concept we hold in high esteem in the abstract, but it is feared in the real world. This is particularly true in business in which many believe the status quo will carry them through to next week, next quarter and maybe even into retirement... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Millennials Represent Unprecedented Opportunity, But Capturing Their Attention Can Be Problematic
Issue: Vol. 56, No. 1, January 2016
If you run a family entertainment center, service street locations or otherwise cater to the young generation, then congratulations, you lucky so-and-so... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

2016 May Be Year Of Social Media And Mobile Apps; Can Operators Meet The Challenge Of Engagement?
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 12, December 2015
The approach of the winter solstice traditionally is the time to look at the year ahead. If we are to believe the tech gurus, 2016 will be the year of mobile apps and social media. This is no surprise, you may say; the new year will bring more of the same, or a lot more of the same... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Politics, Business, And What We Can Learn From Both
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 11, November 2015
There can be little doubt that we're heading into the political season. The rhetoric is hot and political consultants who have memorized each state's districts are weirdly cool. It's difficult to escape the sound bites, speeches and photo ops... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Is That An Apple In Your Pocket? Or Are You Just Happy About The Future?
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 10, October 2015
There is an old saying among longtime techies that goes something like, "Technology alters every environment it enters." It's a happily simple concept, but hideously complex when viewed in real life. The changes brought about by technology range from barely perceptible to the unexpectedly seismic... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Slow To Hire, Fast To Fire? Don't Get Kicked In The Assets
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 9, September 2015
A popular catchphrase propagated by business consultants over the past few years is, "Slow To Hire, Fast To Fire." It is an easy-to-remember rhyme scheme, so it must be true, right? Wrong... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Ready Or Not, Here Comes A Higher Minimum Wage
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 8, August 2015
There is much wringing of hands in the business world about a rise in the minimum wage. The rhetoric has become heated, if not hysterical, in many business publications and blogs. But higher wages could bring greater returns to many small businesses... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

No Time Like The Present To Cash In On The Past's Popularity
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 6, June 2015
Coin-operated amusement devices are once again red hot. At no time since the Golden Age of Video Games have they occupied such a prominent place in pop culture and the public consciousness. Of course, many operators would argue with that premise, based on what they've been seeing in their cashboxes... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

More Social Media Hype (Longer Than 140 Characters)
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 5, May 2015
In speaking with operators over the past several months it has become obvious that too many are not effectively using social media. One operator with whom I spoke proudly proclaimed he regularly updated his Facebook page with new equipment. Well yes, that's a start. However, it is a start that falls far short of the minimum... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

Imagination Adds Value To Operation
Issue: Vol. 55, No. 4, April 2015
There is a lot of talk of what has become known as "value added" in the business press. Most often, it is used to describe an attribute that differentiates a product or company from its competition... by Hank Schlesinger
Author: Hank Schlesinger

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