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Vol. 47, No. 5, May 2007

Vending Features
6 Operations Install e-Ports For PayPass Media
PURCHASE, NY (May 2007) — MasterCard Worldwide and USA Technologies have announced that six prominent vending companies are installing USAT e-Port cashless payment technology to permit venders to accept MasterCard PayPass contactless payment media, including cards and other devices.

Coffee Service Selling Strategies Theme NBPA Educational Program
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (May 2007) — Methods for increasing the effectiveness of new-account acquisition and building volume in an existing client base were addressed from many perspectives at the National Beverage & Products Association convention here.

Full Service Vending Gains Fame As 2006 Annual Winner Of MilkPEP Program To Recognize Milk Vending Success
WASHINGTON, DC (May 2007) — The success of a fast-growing, family-owned vending business in the greater New York metropolitan area offers further proof that milk can drive growth and open new doors.

Isochron VendCast System Offers Flexible Upgrade Path To Telemetry, Cashless Vending And Patron Interactivity
AUSTIN, TX (May 2007) — Isochron formally introduced the latest enhancements to its VendCast full-service vending management solution at the National Automatic Merchandising Association Spring Expo in Las Vegas. VendCast is designed to allow operators to manage the entire vending environment in the same way a single retail store is managed (see VT, April).

NAMA Hails Successful Spring Expo Relocation To Mandalay Bay Resort
Emily Jed
LAS VEGAS (May 2007) — The National Automatic Merchandising Association Spring Expo, held April 11-13, lived up to its theme – “Making the Right Moves” – at its new Mandalay Bay Convention Center venue. The convention and trade show, previously held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels, was brought back under one roof for the first time since 1968.

Music and Games Features
Betson Enterprises Ships DDR Upgrade Kit And Final Inventory Of Dedicated SuperNova Machines
CARLSTADT, NJ (May 2007)— Betson Enterprises, North America’s largest amusement games distributor and marketer, announced that it has begun shipping Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova upgrade kits. The upgrade converts legacy DDR games, early versions that predate the latest incarnation, to the new feature-rich DDR SuperNova. It can also update In The Groove, another dance game made by the former Roxor Games.

ICE Doubles Production For Deal Or No Deal Games
BUFFALO, NY (May 2007) — Innovative Concepts in Entertainment will double the initial production run of its new ticket redemption game, Deal or No Deal, said president Ralph Coppola. Shipments are expected to begin in mid to late May.

N. Dakota Operators, Tavern Owners Keep Smoking Ban At Bay
BISMARCK, ND (May 2007) — Tavern owners and hospitality professionals earlier this year defeated a proposed statewide ban on smoking in North Dakota bars. In early February, the measure failed by a vote of 30 to 15 on the floor of the state senate.

Bulk Vending
Beaver, Cigarsolo Add ‘Kick’ To Concept Of Vendible Balls
LAS VEGAS (May 2007) — Operators attending the recent NBVA convention here got a first look at a joint effort between Beaver Machine Corp. and Cigarsolo S.A. DE C.V. based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Called the Infla-Tu, Spanish for “you inflate,” the machine vends deflated rubber balls in 2.7-in. capsules and provides hardware that enables patrons to inflate the 8-in. diameter balls themselves.

NBVA Trade Show Yields Solid Sales For Exhibitors; Admission Policy Affects Nonmember Attendance
LAS VEGAS (May 2007) — The 57th annual National Bulk Vendors Association convention and trade show last month can best be described as a “mixed bag.” Attendance numbers were somewhat off, with 516 total registrants this year, compared with last year’s 648. According to association officials, this was due in part to a new registration policy that eliminated the choice between a one-day or three-day pass for nonmembers. Under the new policy, nonmembers attending could only opt for a three-day pass, but could obtain membership for a modest additional charge. The event saw 122 nonmembers in attendance, compared with 268 in 2006.

Novelty Gumballs, Confectionery Products Promote 50¢ Pricing, Pique Patron Interest
U.S.A. (May 2007) — Nothing is as simple as it used to be in bulk vending, including ball gum and confectionery products. Still considered the backbone of the industry largely because this segment offers the highest potential profit margins, operators now must choose their gum and candy selections with the same care they give to encapsulated merchandise. The name of the game is increasing sales, and the game is no longer a “no brainer.”

Editorial: Vending
EDITORIAL: What’s In A Name?
Tim Sanford
Just about every business, profession and craft has its own vocabulary. This can be annoying to those not initiated into its mysteries, who often denounce it as “jargon,” but it is an important aid to communication. The terms in such a vocabulary often are common words to which a specific meaning is assigned. It is possible to express a concept like “location” in standard English sentences, but it can take awhile. Those involved in vending, coffee service, coin-op amusements and music and contract foodservice all know what it means, so there is no need for circumlocution...By TIM SANFORD

Editorial: Music and Games
EDITORIAL: The State Of The Tavern Market
Marcus Webb
The U.S. tavern market can be described the same way Winston Churchill described democracy: it’s the “worst…except for all the others.” In city after city, and state after state, bars and taverns are under attack on all sides. Lawmakers pass stronger and stronger smoking bans. Urban renewal planners make fewer and fewer on-premise licenses available. Police and politicians institute ever-tougher DUI enforcement programs. MADD pushes for ever-stricter blood alcohol concentration standards. Traditional venues face growing competition from casino gambling, whether at a racetrack, resort or reservation...By MARCUS WEBB

Upfront with the Publisher
UPFRONT: The most fitting memorial we can establish to people like Bill Cravens is a commitment to following their example.
Alicia Lavay
In last month’s column I spoke about the importance of mentors, not realizing I would soon lose one of my nearest and dearest. At this year’s Amusement Showcase International in late March, the industry was stunned and saddened by the sudden loss of a charismatic leader, Bill Cravens. Bill was one of my first mentors in the amusement industry, and a very special friend...By ALICIA LAVAY-KERTES

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