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Vol. 44, No. 4, April 2004

April 2004 Editorial Highlights

* Security and surveillance systems

* Computer and telecommunications technology

* Pricing and crediting

* Amusement Showcase International first report

* Atlantic Coast Exhibition and National Bulk Vendors Association pre-show highlights

* Ahead of the Times: Scroll down for latest news in Vending and Music & Games

Vending Features
Computer Technologies Reinforce Security, Enhance Patron Options
Tim Sanford
U.S.A. - The present economic recovery is being accompanied by increasingly widespread operator acceptance of the data storage and communication systems developed, and extensively discussed, over the past decade.

Courtesy Vending Tightens Security With Electronic 'CyberLock' System
Emily Jed
PORTLAND, OR - Courtesy Vending's Paresh Patel found the solution to costly access control headaches by installing Videx Inc.'s electronic "CyberLock" system companywide. The most burdensome problem the full-line vending company repeatedly encountered was external theft. Across the company's 10 routes, Courtesy Vending's machines were secured with a variety of mechanical locks from several leading manufacturers, but they weren't thwarting the thieves.

NAMA Plans 'Balance For Life' Obesity Initiative
Tim Sanford
LAS VEGAS - The National Automatic Merchandising Association is planning a major public relations effort intended to communicate the role of vending in meeting U.S. consumers demand, and the importance of making good food and beverage selections in the context of a lifestyle that balances caloric intake with caloric expenditure every day.

Music and Games Features
AMOA-NY's Political Efforts Strengthen, Raising Support Against Smoking Ban
Nick Montano
NEW YORK CITY - The Amusement and Music Owners Association of New York is intensifying one of the industry's most effective grassroots political and public relations campaigns that has crystallized around New York State's and the Big Apple's smoking ban in bars and taverns. Through relentless pressure on state and city politicians, combined with countless media appearances speaking out against the ban's negative economic impact, AMOA-NY's action is beginning to gain traction.

ASI 2004 Impresses Industry With Strong Product Showing
Marcus Webb
LAS VEGAS - The 2004 Amusement Showcase International resembled last year's show in many respects: the March 9-11 event combined great product, fewer exhibitors than before, soft attendance'and noisy competition from next door's gargantuan Nightclub & Bar Show. But even before the '04 trade show opened its doors at the Las Vegas Convention Center, owners voted to pull next year's ASI out of the United States' gambling capital and bring it back to the nation's coin-op capital.

Rep. Castle Proposes $1 Coin Series Honoring Liberty And U.S. Presidents
Marcus Webb
WASHINGTON, DC - If there's one person in America who knows how to market coin designs to ensure wide acceptance, it's Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE). He was the fellow who dreamed up the wildly popular series of commemorative quarters honoring the 50 states. Now Castle is back on the currency front, and this time he's targeting the $1 coin.

Bulk Vending
Ready Or Not, Bulk Vending May Retail Latest Technology
Hank Schlesinger
NEW YORK CITY - The future may be closer than you think. No, we're not any closer to the flying cars we were all but promised on the covers of those slick science magazines 50 years ago, but we may just be entering a new technological age for bulk vending. Innovations outside the industry, coupled with trends within it, provide a convincing argument that operators will sooner or later begin offering increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced merchandise.

Simon Offers Insights On Trends And The NBVA
Hank Schlesinger
LAS VEGAS - Few operators have had such a significant impact on the bulk vending industry as The Amusement Factory's Fred Simon. This is true both in regards to the size of his business as well as his influence within the National Bulk Vendors Association.

Editorial: Vending

Will The Real Vending Industry Please Stand Up?
Tim Sanford
A question that keeps recurring is the size of the vending industry, in the United States or in other countries, or globally. It seems straightforward enough, until you start to think about it.

Editorial: Music and Games
The Winning Sales Strategy
Marcus Webb
A leading manufacturer says: "I truly believe we make the very best products in our category. But no matter how excellent our machines are, they will not sell themselves. We have to be out there every day with our regional sales force. We must work closely with distribution and operators - nurturing old relationships, establishing new ones. We have to educate the market about why our products are the best."

Ahead of the Times: Music and Games

April 7, 2004: IT Names Master Distributor For Bennigan's Chain; AAMA PAC Matching Fund Offer; D&B's Quarterly Net More Than Doubles

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