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Vol. 44, No. 5, May 2004

Vending Features
AVM's Hayes Brings Operator's Perspective To Vender Aftermarket
Tim Sanford
ST. LOUIS, MO - American Vending Machines has established a strong reputation and steadily expanded its operator clientele since its foundation in 1997. The company now is expanding, applying its used equipment refurbishing skills to contract remanufacturing for large clients, including Canteen Vending Services and Pepsi-Cola, and is becoming known outside its core Midwestern market area.

Low Carb Vending, Monumental Vending Roll Out Branded Low-Carb Program
Emily Jed
WASHINGTON, DC - Low Carb Vending LLC and Monumental Vending (Beltsville, MD) have begun deployment of vending machines branded with low-carbohydrate products at high-profile locations in the Washington, DC, area. The "Low Carb Vending" machines, which sell such leading low-carbohydrate lines as Atkins Nutritionals, Carb Solutions, CarbWise, EAS and Slim Fast, presently are located at ...

Obesity Crisis Challenges Industry, IFIC President Warns NAMA Confab
Tim Sanford
LAS VEGAS - Much of the controversy over appropriate public-policy approaches to combatting the increasing incidence of obesity in industrialized countries  involves the question, "Is the food industry part of the problem, or part of the solution?" It's both, said Sylvia Rowe, president of the International Food Information Council, who keynoted the National Automatic Merchandising Association Spring Expo here.

Music and Games Features
Amusement Merchandisers Tip Their Hats To Bulk Venders
Marcus Webb
U.S.A. - Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, then bulk vending industry should konsider itself highly honored. For the past couple of years, operators of prize merchandisers have been morphing into bulk vending operators, and vice versa. Now the merchandising machines themselves appear to be following the same trend. The latest generation of prize merchandisers , particularly of the non-crane variety , reveals a distinct influence from bulk vending equipment in terms of features, prize types and presentation, not to mention awareness of target customer segments.

Mountain Coin's Kingston Sees Stability Returning To Distribution
Marcus Webb
SALT LAKE CITY - Something about the American West's big skies and endless horizons seems to foster an optimistic, can-do spirit. That is certainly the case with Elden Kingston, president of Mountain Coin Machine Distributors, based here. Kingston, who has 42 years of experience in this industry, says that good machines are available today; operators are "hungry" for strong, new equipment; sales are up; and, despite a lengthy period of consolidation, the surviving distributors and operators are stronger, better businesses. "You just have to work a little harder to make the same amount of money today, that's all," Kingston told VT.

Personal Touch And Leagues Cement Location Loyalty For Iowa Operator
Marcus Webb
DES MOINES, IA - Ever heard of an operator who runs electronic darts almost exclusively? Well now you have, and he's quite successful at it, too. Alan Russell of Hawkeye Dart, headquartered here, also runs a few eight-liners. In fact, he has served as president of the Iowa Operators of Music & Amusements Association for the past three years as the organization successfully lobbied to legalize eight-liners. But darts are really Russell's forte. His life is one long round of dart operation, league promotion, player and dart-location visits.

Bulk Vending
Gumballs And Confections Expand With Specialty, Branded Items
Hank Schlesinger
U.S.A. - When speaking with operators, suppliers and manufacturers about ball gum and confections, several things become apparent almost immediately. Ball gum and confections are either doing "great," "terrific" and "amazing," or they are "so-so," "leveling off" or being edged out of key locations by high-bounce balls, capsuled items and flat vendibles.

Las Vegas Proves A Sure Bet For Showgoers At Latest NBVA Meet
Hank Schlesinger
GOOD ODDS: The National Bulk Vendors Association recorded some of its largest attendance and exhibition figures ever during its 54th annual trade show and convention held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Editorial: Vending
Eyeball To Eyeball
Tim Sanford


Editorial: Music and Games
Shhh! It's A Secret
Marcus Webb

Ahead of the Times: Vending
May 1: NYC Comptroller Will Contest Exclusive Snapple Vending Contract At State Supreme Court Hearing On May 13

May 14: NAMA Responds To CSPI School Vending Study, Harkins Obesity Bill

May 14: New York Supreme Court Will Hear Snapple Testimony On May 27
Emily Jed

Ahead of the Times: Music and Games
May 3, 2004: Valley-Dynamo Q1 Sales Up 19%; Merit Offers Advance Downloads

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