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Vol. 50, No.1, January 2010

Vending Features
Apriva' s New Mobile Solution Turns Cellphones Into Credit Card Terminals
by Staff Reporter
Apriva, cashless vending Apriva is rolling out two wireless POS products for mobile merchants. AprivaPay is a browser-based application that allows businesses to directly process credit-card transactions through Web-enabled mobile phones. AprivaPay Professional, a second solution, turns compatible smartphones into fully functional credit-card terminals...

CDC Recognizes New Jersey As School Nutrition Leader
by Staff Reporter
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified New Jersey as one of the 10 best states for the percentage of schools that banned "less nutritious" food and beverages from vending machines and school stores in 2008...

Charge Of Lax Federal Standards Stirs Tap-Or-Bottled Water Debate
by Staff Reporter
The federal law regulating tap water is so out of date that consuming it can pose serious health risks. Meanwhile, sales of bottled water continue to slump, a trend industry observers attribute to backlash over its environmental impact, the soft economy, and mounting questions as to whether it's any safer than tap water...

European Vending Association Position Paper On Refrigerants
Tim Sanford
A recent regulation banning the use of HFCs in the automobile industry has prompted the EVA to publish a position paper on R-134a and carbon dioxide refrigerant gases in vending industry refrigeration technology. There are an estimated 4.6 million vending machines and pure water dispensers equipped with refrigeration systems in use in the European Union...

Industry Pioneer Ben Ginsberg Ceases Publication Of Vending & OCS
Alicia Lavay
After more than 50 years of covering the vending and OCS industry, Ben Ginsberg, founder and publisher of Vending and OCS, has informed VT that he plans to cease publication. I wanted to leave the business on a high note,” said Ginsberg, who has been editing and producing the magazine since launching it in 1991...

Judge Orders Jail Time For Convicted Vending Swindler, Restitution For Victims
by Staff Reporter
The chief executive of Columbia, MO-based United Management Inc. and two co-conspirators were convicted in federal court for defrauding investors of $3 million intended to fund vending technology that was never brought to market. All pled guilty, two were given federal prison terms and one awaits sentencing...

Ontario Schools Ban 'Junk Food' In Venders And Over The Counter
by Staff Reporter
Students in Ontario will face a total ban on foods and beverages its government deems to be "unhealthy," on school property, including candy, soda and energy drinks, with the start of the 2011 school year...

Performance Food Group Acquires Somerset Food Service
Emily Jed
Performance Food Group, parent company of Vistar, has acquired Somerset Food Service. Based in Somerset, KY, it was founded in 1962 as an independent broadline distributor, specializing in serving the needs of single- unit independent operators as well as multi-unit regional and national chains, schools and healthcare foodservice operations...

Pop N Go, AVT Unveil S/S Vender Prototype; AVT Buys Vend Perfect
by Staff Reporter
Pop N Go Inc. said it has completed a prototype of a new vending machine that delivers fresh-popped popcorn while showcasing video content through a 22” LCD topper. The Model N9000 uses technology developed by Pop N Go and AVT Inc. Separately, Corona, CA-based AVT has acquired rights to Vend Perfect software...

USAT Counterclaims Charges By Dissident Shareholder Group
Emily Jed
USA Technologies has filed counterclaims against the dissident shareholders who filed suit in federal court to prevent it from rescheduling its annual meeting. The manufacturer of cashless-payment and energy-saving devices for vending machines alleges that the violated the Security Exchange Act in their attempt to get their three candidates elected to the board of directors...

Vend Marketing Institute Calls On Congress To Modify Calorie Disclosure Requirement
Emily Jed
The Vend Marketing Institute called on Congress to drop language that would require vending companies to disclose the caloric content of vended food and beverage products prior to the point of sale. The requirement is included in both the House and Senate versions of the healthcare reform legislation currently being debated in Congress, and would apply to any business which owns or operates 20 or more vending machines...

Music and Games Features
Alabama Bingo Operator Wins Round Against Gov. Riley
Marcus Webb
After the $87 million County Crossing resort opened on Dec. 1 near rural Dothan, AL, with 1,710 electronic bingo machines, it seemed to be just a matter of time before it would be raided by state law enforcement. But Alabama Gov. Bob Riley's planned raid was preempted when a circuit judge issued a temporary restraining order...

AMOA-NY To Bestow Its Highest Honor On Eugene Jarvis: Feb. 8
Nick Montano
Eugene Jarvis, Raw Thrills Eugene Jarvis, noted arcade videogame designer and founder of the Raw Thrills studio, will be honored by the Amusement Music Owners Association of New York as its 2009 Man of the Year. The tribute recognizes Jarvis's three decades of distinguished service to coin-operated amusements. The AMOA-NY Man of the Year will be fêted at a gala tribute in New York City on Feb. 8...

Apple Industries Appoints Rosenberg Director Of Operations
by Staff Reporter
Neal Rosenberg has joined photobooth company Apple Industries as director of operations. "We have grown so fast in the past three years that it became necessary to find a key person to oversee our complete internal operations day to day," said Apple president Allen Weisberg. "Neal is a perfect match for our company..."

Apple Launches Smile 2.0 Photobooth Social-Media And RMM Software
Tim Sanford
The photobooth leader's new software package enables patron access to a variety of Internet services and social networks, and permits operators to remotely manage machines...

Backer Resigns Pinball Post, Joins Healthy Vending Company
by Staff Reporter
Jolly Backer has resigned his post at Stern Pinball Inc., where he had served as director of domestic sales since the pinball machine company was established a decade ago. Backer has accepted a senior level executive position with a healthy vending company and will be moving from Illinois to California. San Diego-based YoNaturals Inc. launched its "healthy" vending program four years ago...

Club Lucky Takes Silver Strike Bowling Live; Test Begins Dec. 15
Nick Montano
As Incredible Technologies puts the finishing touches on its eagerly awaited real-time Silver Strike Bowling videogame, coin-op patrons in 50 select nationwide locations will be the first to put the new game through its paces. A special test run on Silver Strike Live plugs in on Tuesday, Dec. 15, and is being conducted exclusively by Club Lucky operating companies…

Fantasy Entertainment Unleashes Barrage Of Photobooths For The New Year
Tim Sanford
Rolling out at the end of 2009 is an array of new photobooths and enhancements from Fantasy Entertainment. Seven new models, expanded Internet interoperability and support for Sony's state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing technology highlight the Fantasy rollout...

Gray Poker Operators Can't Run Legal VLTs, Vows Top Illinois Official
by Staff Reporter
Operators who have been prosecuted or fined for running gray-area pokers will be excluded from participating in Illinois' planned legal video lottery market, according to the top official of the state's gaming board. Illinois Gaming Board chairman Aaron Jaffe announced his intent to establish this policy at a Dec. 16 meeting of the regulatory organization...

Illinois Gov. Defends VLTs; Opt-Out List Reaches 50; Betson Pacts With WMS
by Staff Reporter
The number of jurisdictions that have voted to opt out of participation in Illinois' planned video lottery market has now reached 50. Gov. Pat Quinn continues to defend legalized video gaming, but his defense is becoming less ringing than before. Meanwhile, Betson Midwest has entered into a distribution agreement with WMS Gaming – open house set for January...

Mr. Pinball Issues 2010 Edition Of Comprehensive Games Price Guide
by Staff Reporter
New from Mr. Pinball is the annual update to its Pinball List & Price Guide series. The 2010 volume is the 20th revision to the highly regarded reference work...

NYC Passes Law Allowing More Arcade Games On Location; AMOA-NY Officials Join Mayor At Historic Signing
Nick Montano
amoa-ny Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law an amended bill that raises the number of coin-op games that can be placed in New York City's public locations without an arcade license. Officials from the Amusement and Music Owners Association of New York joined the mayor as he put his signature on legislation that increases the threshold of game placements from four to nine...

Stern Pinball Enters Financing Partnership; Big Buck Flipper Game Spotted
Nick Montano
Stern Pinball Inc. has entered into a “financing and partnership” agreement with a group of investors led by David J. Peterson, a founder and managing director of Hagerty Peterson & Co. Stern Pinball, the only manufacturer of traditional flipper games, is expected to roll out its latest title at the end of this month. The pinball adaptation of Big Buck Hunter is, to some extent, a departure from those based on blockbuster movies...

Sweepstakes Games 'Mushroom' In North Carolina And Florida
Marcus Webb
Titan Internet cafés and coffeehouses offering online sweepstakes games with big cash prizes are growing fast in these two southern states. Some individual venues host up to 48 terminals each and pay as much as $5,000 to winners, according to local press reports. Machine makers, like Titan Touch Systems out of Atlanta, are rushing to supply the burgeoning sweepstakes market...

Bulk Vending
Functional Gum In Development Could Become New Product Category For Bulk Vending
Hank Schlesinger
Functional chewing gum, once seen almost solely as a novelty or niche product, is now the subject of serious study by scientists. Nicotine, caffeinated and breath-freshening gums have all been met with varying degrees of success in the marketplace. Now, researchers are developing chewing gum as a delivery system for many types of drugs and supplements...

Importer To Pay $1.25M For Lead In Toys; Bulk Remains Vigilant
by Staff Reporter
An Illinois firm agreed to pay a $1.25 million settlement for importing and selling Thomas & Friends children's toys that contained lead levels above legal limits and risked sickening children...

Editorial: Vending
Relating To The Public
Tim Sanford
The late Morris (Tiny) Weintraub, longtime publisher of VENDING TIMES, had a doctrine, or principle, for writing editorials. "Criticize the operators," he would say. Those who remember his "Tiny Talks" column will recall that he practiced what he preached. And we've come to recognize that this advice was good, for several reasons... by Tim Sanford

Editorial: Music and Games
Feed The Rat
Hank Schlesinger
The name Julian Vincent “Mo” Anthoine isn’t widely known today, but during the 1970s and ‘80s he was one of the best mountain climbers. When asked about his drive for adventure, he quipped that he had to “feed the rat.” That was his way of describing his hunger for challenges and adventure that pushed him to ever more challenging mountains and rock faces. The description stuck. What does this have to do with bulk vending? by Hank Schlesinger

The Things We Can Change
Marcus Webb
While looking over 10 years’ worth of headlines for this issue’s "Decade in Review" report, I was reminded of the famous "Serenity Prayer," recently proved to have been originally authored in 1937 by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. The prayer begins: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. The music and amusements industry is bedeviled with many situations that it cannot change... by Marcus Webb

Coffee Service News
Bigelow Tea Builds Brand Through Social Networking
Emily Jed
Bigelow Tea is taking advantage of today's online tools to engage directly with tea drinkers of all ages. Its new blog features frequently refreshed tea news, brewing tips, recipes, recommendations and health information. It also provides an opportunity for Bigelow Tea's management team to personally talk about noteworthy developments such as ongoing "green" initiatives, product developments and more...

Study: Restaurants Need To Wait Until Second Half Of 2010 For Recovery
Emily Jed
The foodservice industry won't be celebrating its economic recovery any time soon, although some restaurant operators are faring better than others. After five consecutive quarters of traffic declines through September 2009, the industry will remain weak at least through the first half of 2010, according to a forecast by NPD Group...

Guest Columns
How Operators Can Profit From Raw Thrills' Top 10 Success Secrets
by Kevin Williams
Coin-op videogame manufacturers have come uncomfortably close to being put on the Endangered Species List in recent years. The number of suppliers that are no longer with us is painfully long, from legendary U.S. giants like Midway and Atari to Japanese powerhouses like Capcom and Data East. And many survivors were forced to merge. But a relative newcomer has succeeded in a tough industry during a very difficult decade of consolidation and retrenchment... by Kevin Williams

Upfront with the Publisher
You Go With What You’ve Got
Alicia Lavay
We are, indeed, at the dawn of a new age; but we've been there for quite a while now. That age surely will redefine our industry, but we can't put off planning for long-term success while we wait for the dawn to break. Merely hoping for prosperity to return is not a strategy... by Alicia Lavay-Kertes

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