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Vending News & Features

Boston-based Audax Private Equity is reportedly acquiring Accent Food Services, a vending and OCS operation based in Austin, TX. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed...
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Dec. 1 deadline for calorie disclosure compliance for vending machines has arrived...
Municipal water supplies in the U.S. are almost always safe, unless something goes wrong. John Miller, national sales manager of Vertex Water Products pointed out that things do go wrong and are likely to do so with growing frequency in the years ahead, as the nation's public water infrastructure continues to age. This danger has been dramatically illustrated by the situation in Flint, MI. In light of this troubling reality, Miller observed, vending and office coffee service operators are well positioned to play an increasingly valuable role in ensuring safe, pure, good-tasting water supplies in the locations they serve, and winning the business of new ones...
Results of six-month study by USAT show marketers who promote Apple Pay see increase in mobile payments and overall spend at point-of-sale [press release]

Coffee Service News

Discount Coffee's Kirby Newbury says a route sales failure is a Web sales opportunity. Newbury’s company has pioneered the sale of coffee service products and accessories over the Internet...

Foodservice News

ConAgra Brands Inc. has completed the spinoff of its Lamb Weston frozen potato business. Its new name, representing its remaining branded food business, changed from ConAgra Foods...

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AMI Entertainment Network tallied and released its yearend jukebox music charts on Dec. 2. The annual list charts the most-played artists, songs and music videos on AMI's jukebox network in 2016...
Helix Leisure's Embed subsidiary said it has bolstered its customer support capabilities with the new Insight Success program, which organizes an experienced team to assist clients...
--press release

Bulk Vending News & Features

National Bulk Vendors Association said that early sales of booths for its 67th annual tradeshow are on track to surpass this year's showing in Las Vegas, where 16 exhibitors purchased 35 booths...

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Not long ago I had a conversation with a manager in the amusement business. When it turned to employees, I was shocked by his primary concern. It wasn't theft, turnover or wages -- it was getting them to value the job beyond the weekly paycheck... by Hank Schlesinger
The theme of this year's Vistar Mid-Atlantic Open House in Atlantic City, NJ, was the proliferation of "healthy" items that meet the nutritional criteria of the company's "Good to Go" program... by Alicia Lavay
One durable addition that management theorists have made to the language is the phrase "thinking outside the box." However, looking at the vending machine "box" more imaginatively may well suggest new ways to enhance profits without going outside the box... by Tim Sanford

Guest Columns

In this column, I want to revisit the health benefits of coffee. We've come a long way, in terms of coffee news, from the days when I was a child. My dad, Stuart Daw, would always say (at least after the big "decaf causes cancer" scare) that all it would take is one big study to link coffee to some major illness, and his business was finished...by Kevin Daw
The lifeblood of your OCS operation is the continual acquisition of profitable new customers. Those of you who have one or more salespeople know that keeping gross profits in the range of profitability is among the most pressing issues under continual discussion between management and your representatives... by Len Rashkin
Training your sales team properly to present your equipment, products and overall service is paramount to the success of your company. In this month's column, I'll attempt to describe an exercise that has worked well for me in the past, when I've trained salespeople... by Len Rashkin
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