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Vending News & Features

Port Huron, MI's All Star will offer Vengo's compact, wall-mounted vending machines to its existing clients. The Michigan vending operation also will employ the Vengo platform to help drive new business...
Mondelez is stepping back from the potential $23 billion takeover about two months after it had offered $107 per share for Hershey, half in stock and half in cash...
A new study from the University of California shows a 21% drop in the consumption of soda and other sugary beverages in Berkeley's low-income neighborhoods following the city's penny-per-fl.oz. tax on the beverages...
--press release
--press release
The National Automatic Merchandising Association's government affairs team has created a list of tips to help its members prepare for business under the new rule. The team's eight tips are...

Coffee Service News

Citing lack of "sustainable demand," J. M. Smucker Co. recently discontinued its Millstone Coffee brand...
The family of Bob Marley wants to sever ties with Marley Coffee, threatening the end for the coffee company and its struggling parent, Jammin Java Corp....
The requirements that commercial coffee brewers in offices, cafeterias, hotels and similar establishments will have to meet to earn the Energy Star standard will provide "significant energy savings to users and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," the EPA reports...
"People want to know their opinions matter," said Dr. Tracy Brower, Mars Drinks global vice-president of Workplace Vitality. "The most important factor in fostering a sense of wellbeing is offering employees the opportunity to make meaningful choices." [press release]

Foodservice News

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--press release

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Coin-Op Music & Games

Chuck E. Cheese's is hoping to replace the tokens used to activate its arcade games with a cashless payment system at all its stores. It reportedly is using Semnox Solutions' RFID) system for the job...
The James Bond entrance with Queen Elizabeth II to the Olympics in London may have been a show starter to remember, but Japan gave Great Britain a run for its money at the end of this year's Games...
The Vault challenges players to line up targets in an attempt to unlock the "vault" to win prizes. LAI said its new machine is 100% skill-based...
The document titled "What Is An Amusement Route Operator?" explains the music and games industry from the operator's viewpoint...
The 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo takes place Nov. 14-18 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL; the GM's breakfast takes place on Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 8:15 a.m. in the IAAPA Theater...

Bulk Vending News & Features

DuoSkin is a wearable decorative input/output interface worn on the skin. In essence, the tattoo enables interaction between devices through a technology that has been dubbed "skinput"...
Angell's invention is a modified coin mechanism that allows for vend prices at either $1.25 or $1.50. The modification involves disassembling a standard $1 mech, then carefully altering the wheel to make room for the additional coinage...

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Editorials & Opinions

The British have an expression, "state of play," which is genius on a number of different levels. Loosely translated, it means "current situation." But in the subtext conveys a suggestion of action that the current situation is naturally in a state of flux -- like a soccer game... by Hank Schlesinger
Agitation for a higher minimum wage, and new Labor Department rules for "hourly" workers, will have consequences for employers. The outcome is likely to be greater interest in productivity improvement and automation, which may erode employment... by Alicia Lavay
The National Automatic Merchandising Association's annual Fly-In outreach and advocacy program brings together people with an upbeat industry success story to tell and the lawmakers who need to hear and understand it... by Tim Sanford

Guest Columns

In the mid-1960s, the office coffee service industry provided only a dozen or fewer products. Fifty years later, today's OCS businesses might provide more than 1,000 SKUs. As an operator, you have to become a marketer to sell all these products and get your inventory to turn over... by Len Rashkin
I wrote about the green coffee market as recently as this March, but I think it is worth another look, in the light of recent developments, especially its sizeable upward push... by Kevin Daw
In my last article, I discussed reasons for you to have an office refreshments brochure or menu, and the overall process of planning and creating one. In this month's article, I will suggest an actual layout to use that will help increase allied product ordering... by Len Rashkin
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