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The popular dating site has come up with a vending gimmick aimed at pubs in the United Kingdom. If a patron can pass a breathalyzer test, the Johnny Be Good machine vends a free condom...
A father and son behind a vending business opportunity scheme were convicted on Feb. 3 for their roles in the enterprise that swindled more than 1,300 would-be entrepreneurs out of nearly $11 million. Kenneth Levin, 69, and Taylor Levin, 34, were convicted after a three-week jury trial...
The Los Angeles-based health-focused quick-service restaurant chain here has kicked off a vending machine program aimed to bring organic and natural products to communities nationwide...
The mobile payment provider said it has operators throughout all 50 states and across Canada and is adding new vending and amusement operators every week....
USAT said it added 20,000 net new connections and achieved revenue of approximately $18 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2016...

Coffee Service News

In Starbucks' first-quarter earnings call on Jan. 21, chief executive Howard Schultz said that, while the company plans to continue to sell its coffee K-Cup packaging, its relationship with Keurig may not continue...
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Upon the reopening of the comment period, NAMA built upon the relationships created with U.S. Senate offices during the 2015 inaugural Washington Fly-In, and the relationships created with the SBA and the White House at our annual Public Policy Conference... by Eric Dell
Last month, I discussed the equipment and services required to serve the foodservice market. This category covers restaurants, convenience stores, delis, bagel shops, corporate cafeterias and fast food outlets. In order to serve these foodservice outlets, you must understand what the buyer wants, which we'll cover this month... by Len Rashkin
It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at the Coffee, Tea & Water show.There's nothing like a conference about coffee that will get one's mind thinking in a forward direction, so let's look at some future trends (and they're not in coffee pods)... by Kevin Daw
Office refreshment service was originally developed to serve just business offices, but over the years it has evolved to serve all types of workplace clienteles. We now provide service to industrial plants, warehouses, retail shops, medical facilities, hospital waiting rooms and auto service companies, among a host of other businesses... by Len Rashkin

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Coin-Op Music & Games

The world's largest pinball machine manufacturer has kicked off a contest for enthusiastic players and other aficionados of the game to help celebrate its history. The social media challenge celebrates Stern Pinball Inc.'s 30th anniversary.
During its State Council Meeting, the Amusement and Music Operators Association announced that AMOA deputy director Lori Schneider will become the association's chief staff executive. Schneider will succeed Jack Kelleher as executive vice-president on Oct. 1, 2016, becoming the Chicago-based association's 12th top staff executive during its 68-year history...
Scheduled for publication in April, Artcade is sure to bring back memories from the Golden Age of videogames..
The Music & Vending Association of South Dakota scored a victory in the state Legislature here by defeating a bill that would have replaced the longstanding "sticker" licensing of coin-operated amusement devices with a sales tax...

Bulk Vending News & Features

The National Bulk Vendors Association says it's bringing back its "State of the Industry" summit. The session will be held during the NBVA's annual convention and trade show, which take place from Mar. 15 to 17 in Las Vegas...
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it plans to close 269 stores in the U.S. and globally. The closures are part of a previously announced review of the company's portfolio. Walmarts were once prime locations for vending machines and coin-operated amusement equipment...
The National Bulk Vendors Association has announced details of the educational program for its 66th annual convention and trade show in 2016. The NBVA events will be held in conjunction with Amusement Expo International, which is set for the Las Vegas (NV) Convention Center from Mar. 16 through 17...

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The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans published this month by the Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services have provoked a good deal of comment, none of which was particularly surprising. Sampling that commentary did, however, help us to connect two or three perceptions that we have been forming over the past several decades... by Tim Sanford
The approach of the winter solstice traditionally is the time to look at the year ahead. If we are to believe the tech gurus, 2016 will be the year of mobile apps and social media. This is no surprise, you may say; the new year will bring more of the same, or a lot more of the same... by Hank Schlesinger
Small businesses often are overlooked for the wrong reasons. Customers assume that prices will be higher at a small business than at a corporate chain store, just as they ignore the amenities that many small businesses offer such as customer care, inventory variety and community support. Most of these assumptions are wrong, but it is difficult to explain this to people who have been corrupted by "consumerism" ... by Alicia Lavay

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Based in Searcy, AR, Advantage Vending and Coffee Services is a growing operation with big aspirations. Owner Mike Kever runs this family business, and in 2012 he set upon a long-term growth strategy for Advantage. The first step in his journey occurred in 2013 when he doubled his operation by acquiring a similar size company. Once Kever coordinated the integration of the two, he immediately recognized the critical need for a vending management system (VMS) that would not only help him run the now larger operation, but would also help accelerate his expansion plans... sponsored by Parlevel Systems
Video and camera technology is used in a wide range of vending machines from food and beverage-type dispensers to ticketing kiosks and ATMs. Applications range from video security to prevent damage and theft, to uses of cameras as an intrinsic part of the transaction, such as reading barcodes or QR codes for access control... by Steve Heard, sponsored by IDS

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