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Please check the classification(s) applicable to your company's activities. This information is necessary for our BPA circulation audit and will be kept in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your assistance.

Which of the following best describes your firm?
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Full-line vending operators plus specialzed vending operators handling candy/snacks, tobacco, hot and cold drinks, merchandise and music/games
Office coffee service operators primarily (not included above)
Mobile caterers only (not included above)
Music and games operators primarily (not included above)
Manufacturers of vending/amusement equipment and component parts
Distributors of vending/amusement equipment and component parts
Supplier and/or distributor/broker of vendible products
Library, consultant, trade association, etc.
Others (describe below)
Full-line (with refrigerated and/or frozen food)
Candy/snacks, cookies, crackers
Cigarettes, cigars
Coffee, hot beverages
Cold Drinks
Milk, Ice cream
Bulk gum/nut/candy/toy, flat merchandise
Other (fill out box below)

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CORPORATE & OPERATING MANAGEMENT Includes Owner, Co-owner, Partner, Proprietor, President, Chairman, CEO, Vice President
SALES MANAGEMENT Includes Sales Manager/Vice President, Regional/District Manager, Operations/Account/Marketing Manager, Sales Director
PURCHASING MANAGEMENT Includes Buyer, Purchasing Agent/Manager
Music & Games
(Check all that apply)
   - Street locations (bars, restaurants, other public sites)
   - Arcades, fun centers, etc.
Office coffee service
Pure water
Contract manual foodservice, mobile catering
Event catering

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