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Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 7, July 2013, Posted On: 6/21/2013

Sega Debuts Latest 'Vid-Demption' Game With Monsters And Pirates

Tim Sanford
TAGS: arcade game, video redemption, vid-redemption, Sega Amusements, Pirates of Monster Island, Tom Keil, amusement machine, redemption game, FEC game, European Amusement & Games Exposition, Sega Corp.

Sega, Pirates of Monster Island arcade game LONDON -- Sega Amusements reports that its "vid-demption" game lineup has expanded with the production of Pirates of Monster Island, which is now shipping. The new game challenges the player to defend a population of amiable monsters from a raid by evil pirates.

Sega's "vid-demption" concept is designed to offer players wider variety and stronger engagement. By adding a video display to a ticket redemption game, Sega said, it has been able to create content with more depth and a more compelling gameplay experience.

"The typical mechanical ticket redemption game delivers the same gameplay experience every time," said Sega sales manager Tom Keil. "Sega's 'vid-demption' games have much greater depth, delivering a unique gameplay experience with every play." These games present stories that arouse curiosity, he explained, people want to see what will happen next.

The key is to come up with sympathetic characters to which players will become emotionally attached, Keil continued. "All our 'vid-demption' games have introduced cute characters that players connect with and want to see succeed. The characters in Pirates of Monster Island have that captivating quality. It creates the desire for the player to win for themselves and for the Monsters they're trying to help."

Sega, Pirates of Monster Island arcade game Sega sales manager Vince Moreno summarized the new game's narrative. "At the beginning of the game, players are shown a series of images that tell the story of what happened on Monster Island explaining why the Monsters are going after the pirate ships." This video preface, shown on the game's 32-in. monitor, depicts pirate raiders attacking the monsters' treasure; the player is then invited to take command of the monsters' seacoast defense artillery and shoot back at the pirate ships.

The goal is to knock crates off the pirate ships to win tickets; players also may shoot at the letters to complete the word "compass," which earns a spin of the giant bonus compass displayed on the game's eye-catching marquee. Gunners who knock off enough crates are rewarded with the opportunity to win many more tickets in the Dragons' Den.

Pirates of Monster Island measures 38" W. x 82" H. x 41" D. It was introduced at the European Amusement & Games Exposition here, and joins Pigs Might Fly and Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz in the Vid-Demption line. Details and a video made at the show can be found at segaarcade.com.

Based in Chessington (Surrey), England, Sega Amusements is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's Sega Corp. Sega Amusements' U.S. team is based in Illinois and can be reached at (224) 265-4281.

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