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Vending News & Features

Crane Co.'s new merchandising systems group president Brad Tedder met with industry members at the NAMA OneShow in Chicago...
There’s a new front in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders: a hefty soda tax proposed in Philadelphia...
The Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council enjoyed a record turnout for its open board and general membership meeting. Levittown, PA-based CoffeeMatt Corp. Inc. hosted the event in conjunction with its first-ever open house...
If your vending machines still can't accept anything but bills and coins, you're dramatically limiting your sales today, and the problem will only get worse in the future. Alain Huc, vending market director of Ingenico Group, says the industry needs to make it possible for customers to pay any way they want, or risk losing substantial revenue... sponsored by Intel

Coffee Service News

An overview of office refreshment services in an era of smaller workplaces was presented by a panel of experts at the recent Atlantic Coast Exposition. The session was facilitated by Canteen's Jonathan Childress, and the panelists were Glenn Cooper, Massimo Zanetti; David Diogo and Jeff Stebbings, Teaja; and Bob Myers, Cafection Enterprises...
--press release
The Indonesian coffee roaster is rolling out a new single-cup brewing solution that only requires one of its unique filter pouches of coffee, hot water and a cup...

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The American Amusement Machine Association has chosen Peter Gustafson as its next executive vice-president, the nonprofit trade association's top staff position. Gustafson will officially take the helm at AAMA's headquarters here on June 1. He succeeds John Schultz, who is retiring this month...
The average Canadian bar-goer carries almost $5 in change, according to informal research by Jack Astor's, a pub chain with 41 locations across Canada. So Jack Astor's imagined and brought to market a coin-operated, tabletop beer tap...

Bulk Vending News & Features

When they needed a way to dispense taste samples, the curators at the Museum of Food and Drink turned to bulk vending...
Jimmy Jack Olson (aka Olsen), 32, was ordered to pay $41,000 in restitution for a crime spree that reportedly involved the theft of more than 60 coin-operated machines across Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho...

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When a low-level employee at Yelp publically complained online about her low salary, the company responded quickly and decisively. She was summarily fired, at which point she went public about her termination... by Hank Schlesinger
NAMA's annual OneShow offers a once-a-year opportunity to see the latest developments in vending technology, products and marketing. These endeavors are driven by innovators' beliefs in the wants and needs of the contemporary market. For this reason, it has been fascinating to watch the intersection of improving capability and unpredictable changes in demand... by Tim Sanford
It's an exciting time to be in the vending business, and it seems that ABC-TV "Shark Tank" hosts agree with me. Costars Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec will headline the general session at next week's NAMA OneShow in Chicago. But the real excitement happened last month, when Vengo Labs founders Brian Shimmerlik and Steven Bofil negotiated brilliantly for a $2 million deal... by Alicia Lavay

Guest Columns

One of the most informative protocols that I follow, prior to making a sales presentation for a private refreshment provider's sales team, is to send out a questionnaire, or request for information (RFI)... by Len Rashkin
Recently, we saw an article about Hamburg, Germany's banning coffee capsules in government buildings. The bestselling portion-pack in Europe is not the K-Cup, but rather the Nespresso capsule. This is claimed as the first city prohibition of coffee capsules, and though Hamburg has a strong record of banning many items deemed bad for mother earth, it may not be the last city to do this by a long shot... by Kevin Daw
In the late 1980s, videogames and pinball machines were called the ruin of American youth. Cities and towns quickly acted to ban and restrict their use. In the '90s, tobacco became the new "hate" product in vending. Now it's calories in vended snacks and drinks... by Michael J. Grandone
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