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AMI Entertainment Introduces Tap TV Trivia: Locations Can Provide Live, Free-to-Play Trivia For Low Monthly Fee

Source: AMI Entertainment Network Inc. | Released March 21, 2013

Bristol, PA, March 21, 2013 -- AMI Entertainment Network is excited to announce the new Tap TV Trivia Channel and Tap Lite System, the latest addition to its portfolio of venue entertainment products. Tap TV Trivia is a complete reinvention of Tap TV, now with an all-new content strategy and business model that's designed to help operators make the most of their installations. Tap TV Trivia brings the action and excitement of a live nationwide trivia network right to your location. It's live, connected, and inherently social, providing fast-paced entertainment that's perfect for connecting with today's tech-savvy patrons.


Tap TV Trivia is easy to play and provides hours of fun at no cost to patrons. Challenging multiple-choice trivia questions are displayed on TVs inside a venue, and players use their own smartphones and the free Tap TV app to choose the correct answer. The game features 12 entertaining categories that cover everything from sports to video games, plus personal player accounts and multiple leaderboards to keep players entertained and fighting for high scores.

While other amusement products try to compete with distractions like smartphones and TV screens, Tap TV turns them into a location's greatest assets. The Tap Lite unit connects to a venue's existing TVs or video switching system, eliminating the need for costly installations and difficult setups. And because Tap TV Trivia uses guests' smartphones, there are no expensive controllers for Operators to buy or locations to display. The Tap Lite system itself is affordable, lightweight, and fits just about anywhere -- all that is required is a broadband Internet connection. Bar and restaurant owners just pay a small monthly fee, enabling Tap TV Trivia to be offered as a free-to-play service for patrons.

Tap TV is the best way to energize patrons, improve sales, and turn casual visitors into dedicated repeat customers. The numbers speak for themselves: 300 first-time Tap TV players in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, DC reported that they had more fun, stayed longer, and ordered more food and drinks after playing Tap TV Trivia. 85% even said that they planned to recommend the venue, as well as Tap TV, to a friend.

AMI is currently taking orders for Tap TV systems. To find out more information about Tap TV and how it can help take any location to the next level, contact AMI at 1-877-ROC-N-ROLL.

A recycling and upgrade program will be available for older TAP.TV units. For a small one-time fee, AMI will upgrade existing TAP.TV units to support the new Tap TV Trivia system. Contact AMI for more details on the recycling program.

To find out more information about Tap TV and how it can help take any location to the next level, contact AMI at 1-877-ROC-N-ROL.

For more information on AMI's products and services, as well as the latest news and updates about the AMI jukebox network, please visit amientertainment.com or Tap TV.

About AMI Entertainment Network
AMI Entertainment Network has been developing cutting-edge entertainment solutions for bars and restaurants for more than a century, from the dawn of the jukebox to the digital age. Featuring the latest in content and technology, AMI jukeboxes and Tap TV connect operators with today's tech savvy patrons -- from music to video to mobile.

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