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Issue Date: Vol. 49, No.5, May 2009, Posted On: 5/12/2009

Kalkomat's Latest Boxer Is Street-Route And FEC Ready

Larisa Jayne Shewczyk
boxers, arcade games, boxing games, Kalkomat, bar games, coin-op, strength tester, classic amusements, pinball, Wheel of Boxing

Kalkomat (Elk Grove Village, IL) has introduced a boxing game that applies the industry's leading profit-driving concepts -- including redemption, on-location promotion and remote monitoring -- to a game type that has steadily gained favor among U.S. operators in recent years.

Wheel of Boxing keeps play focused on the simplicity of "one punch" while uniquely rewarding skills other than just strength, explained the company's U.S. sales and marketing head, Peter Stolarczyk. By offering alternative game modes to reach broader demographics and prizes to entice all potential patrons, the modifications can bolster cashbox earnings by 15% or more, he reported.

A colorful wheel at the base of the bright-blue cabinet, paired with the catchphrase "Play & Win!," alerts players that the game is a redemption piece. A central display above the payment area shows the score, and a button above it is used to make game selections.

A patron selects a game mode, punches and then watches LED lights chase to a stop through the wheel's 10 segments, three of which are designated "winner." Audio prompts alert a player of a victorious punch, and winning is based on skill.

Games can be equipped with ticket dispensers to work in traditional redemption environments. Alternately, thermal printers can be installed to make them street-route ready. Units can issue receipts for operator-selected prizes that cater to the specific location, which could range from items offered at the account (such as food) to MP3 players or sporting goods.

Wheel Of Boxing supports a wireless upgrade, allowing operators to track earnings and change settings remotely from a PC. A display for high scores is available, too.

Four play modes broaden the appeal of the traditionally masculine game. Power mode measures strength; speed mode tests how quickly a player can throw a punch; reflex mode measures the timing of swings, counting down onscreen and sounding off with a horn; and tournament mode lets up to six players compete for the hardest hit.

Brad Brown of Worldwide Video, a California-based distributor, said the game is perfectly suited for locations catering to men of all ages, but that some women will be drawn into the mix because of its play modes and prize offerings. He commended Kalkomat's service and support, and praised Wheel Of Boxing's earning ability.

Kalkomat was founded in Cracow, Poland, in 1997, by a group of engineers who began operating coin-op routes as a side business. The company soon expanded into design and production of amusement games for its locations, and decided to bring its products to the U.S. market four years ago, observing the country's bar and tavern base as an untapped market for boxers. For information, call (773) 520-2163 or email piotrczyk@yahoo.com.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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