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Issue Date: Vol. 52, No. 7, July 2012, Posted On: 6/19/2012

New AMI ML-1 Software V2.2 Adds Music Selector And Enhanced Menu

Nick Montano
jukebox selector, Megatouch Live versions 2.2, AMI Entertainment, Megatouch, TouchTunes, coin-op video game, bartop video game, ML-1 video game, multi-player video game, Photo Hunt, mind sports, bar games, jukebox

BRISTOL, PA -- AMI Entertainment has unveiled Megatouch Live version 2.2 software for its Megatouch division's flagship ML-1 countertop terminal. The update will download automatically to connected ML-1 machines.

New in version 2.2 is music selection support for AMI and TouchTunes jukeboxes, as well as a simplified and enhanced menu.

The Music Selector feature makes it easy for patrons to browse and select music on the location's jukebox without leaving their spots in front of the Megatouch terminals. This feature is expected to increase jukebox revenue for operators while deepening customer engagement.

The ML-1 user menu has been thoroughly redesigned. Its brand-new homepage offers patrons an intuitive tool for navigating to whatever part of the Megatouch Live experience they wish to enjoy. Games are listed by category, each with a "trailer" to give the player a foretaste of the type of games it contains. A helpful addition is the New Games category that keeps customers informed about the latest selections.

Also new are short videos available from the menu, designed to entertain and instruct players about everything the ML-1 has to offer. While highlighting hardware features like multitouch, they also turn the spotlight on revenue-enhancing features like upgrades, challenges, and Battle Arena games.

The menu improvements have been combined with recent "tweaks" that enhance and simplify the player experience. A new Battle Arena tab makes it easier to find head- to-head games, and "Did you know?" messages appear while games are loading, to give players details about all the valuable and entertaining features of Megatouch Live.

AMI's periodic updates give the ML-1 a regular supply of features, new games, and content at no extra cost, ensuring that players always have the latest Megatouch games at their fingertips. The last major update was issued in April. | SEE STORY

AMI Entertainment, jukebox, Megatouch ML-1, countertop videogame

photos | INTUITIVE: New in Megatouch Live V2.2 is a redesigned homepage (left) that displays all the features of the ML-1 amusement terminal -- including its use as a remote selector for the location's digital downloading jukebox (from the button at the upper right of the screen). Selecting "Jukebox" brings up the music start screen (right), which in turn allows the patron to search, explore and choose from AMI Entertainment Network's vast library of recorded music and information about artists, songs and albums (below).

AMI Entertainment, jukebox, Megatouch ML-1, countertop videogame

Topic: Music and Games Features

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