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Issue Date: Vol. 52, No. 11, November 2012, Posted On: 10/12/2012

InOne Technology Rolls Out Next-Generation Controller Board Kits

Tim Sanford
TAGS: vending, vending machine, InOne Technologies, InOne kits, Coin Acceptors, Coinco, Doug Lesight, vending machine controller kits, AP vending machine upgrade, Automatic Products, National Venors, National vending machine upgrade kits, U-Select-It Snackmart III upgrade, InOne Micro SD card slot, InOne LED Smartlight, MDB peripherals, DEX vending technology

HUNT VALLEY, MD -- InOne Technologies has begun producing its newest vending machine controller kits, designed to upgrade existing equipment for compatibility with today's revenue-enhancing technologies.

The new boards feature DIP switches that allow easy setup when a board is moved from one model to another. The AP 110, 6000 and 7000 boards are equipped with more onboard connectors, reducing the number of cables required, and making installation easier and neater. New National kits are built around larger single boards, simplifying installation in National 145, 146, 147 and 148s. Also available is an InOne kit for U-Select-It's Snackmart III models 3013, 3014 and 3015.

Another new InOne controller board innovation is a Micro SD card slot permitting firmware upgrades in the field. "The upgrade can be emailed anywhere in the world and copied to a Micro SD card to be loaded onto the customer's boards," said InOne product manager Doug Lesight. "A customer can simply insert the card into the slot and cycle the machine's power to upgrade his board with new features."

Like earlier InOne Technology upgrade boards, the new generation will work with MDB components, along with micro-mech coin mechanisms and pulse bill validators. This allows customers to upgrade their machines with "rock-solid" DEX data collection and retrieval capability, as well as guaranteed-delivery sensors. All InOne boards are supplied with covers that protect the components and the personnel who service the machine. The cover is equipped with a panel-mounted DEX port that relieves strain on the board's DEX connector.

The latest InOne kits retain all the features of their predecessors and add support for optional drop sensors, as well as a new easy-to-read display. All InOne boards offer an "easy-to-navigate" service mode that can adjust the intensity of InOne's LED Smartlight as needed.

InOne boards also incorporate special features for maximizing the value of Arrow cashless and telemetry systems. These include MDB alerts in the DEX file, remote price-changing by selection, presenting food calorie content on an LCD screen and support for two-tier pricing with cards. InOne retrofit controllers are compatible with Arrow Connect remote data and credit card reading systems, as well as Cantaloupe, Crane, Black Board and USA Technologies systems, among other industry-standard MDB peripherals.

Lesight reported that the previous version of the upgrade controller kit has been very successful, with tens of thousands installed in customers' machines. "Our new controllers further 'tweak' features to meet our customers' needs."

InOne Technology is a Coin Acceptors Inc. company and a pioneer in the application of DEX automated data collection. Coinco, a privately owned company, designs and manufactures payment and control systems used for automated transaction applications in the vending, amusement and specialty markets.

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