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Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 9, September 2013, Posted On: 8/13/2013

Bert Plug Load Management System Adds Smart Vending Machine Solution

Emily Jed
TAGS: vending machine, Best Energy Reduction Technologies LLC, Bert 110 Vend, vending machine remote measurement, vending machine remote control, appliance plug loads, vending equipment protection, Scott Yetter, Bert Plug Load Management System, Bertbrain 1000M software

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA -- Best Energy Reduction Technologies LLC's new Bert 110 Vend allows remote measurement and control of vending machine and other appliance plug loads through an existing Wi-Fi network.

The Bert 110 Vend's intelligence protects vending equipment from turning off while the compressor is running. Since the device continuously measures energy use, it knows when the compressor is on or off. When it receives an "off" command as part of the daily schedule, it delays powering down until after the compressor has completed its cycle.

Facility and energy managers can run their Bert devices for a few weeks to measure base power usage, and then begin scheduling to measure actual savings. Bert 110 Vend will also measure and control other compressor-based plug load equipment, such as water fountains and room air conditioners.

"Bert 110 Vend continues the expansion of our plug load product family, allowing clients to measure energy use, analyze savings and create custom schedules to control energy use for compressor-based plug load," said BERT chief executive Scott Yetter. "Unlike timers or occupancy sensors, Bert 110 Vend provides remote control and measurement of vending machines without the purchase and installation of extra equipment such as a data logger.

The Bert Plug Load Management System consists of Bertbrain 1000M software, a Wi-Fi network and any number of Bert devices. By plugging water coolers, coffee machines, printers, copiers and other equipment into a Bert device, facility and energy managers can remotely measure, analyze and control all plug loads.

All devices can be controlled in mass by creating schedules to turn equipment off when buildings are not in use during nights, weekends and holidays.

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