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Issue Date: Vol. 51, No. 5, May 2011, Posted On: 5/12/2011

EVMMA Votes To Become EVA Committee

Tim Sanford
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BRUSSELS -- The European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association has become the Machine Manufacturers Committee of the European Vending Association. The decision to join EVA was made at an EVMMA meeting in Madrid, Spain, in April.

Founded in 1989, EVMMA has played a key role in developing technical standards for the vending industry, and in coordinating them with parallel developments in other countries, including the United States. A notable example is the Vending Industry Data Transfer Standard. It is made up of nearly two dozen leading equipment manufacturers in Europe.

EVMMA chairman Paul R. Ballard of Azkoyen Group (Peralta, Navarre, Spain) hailed the move. "The incorporation of the European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association as a new committee of the European Vending Association is a significant step that ensures more fluid communication within the industry and more coherent representation."

Ballard added that EVMMA is over 20 years old and has always met regularly on an informal basis to discuss legislative, environmental and technical issues as they relate to machine manufacture. A large majority vote to integrate the association into EVA means that, in the future, machine manufacturers will be able to take full advantage of the extensive range of services offered to EVA members.

EVA president Arnaud van Amerongen, Aequator AG (Arbon, Thurgau, Switzerland), observed, "With EVMMA covering nearly 95% of the European vending machine manufacturing industry, this integration will further enhance EVA's negotiating scope when discussing legislative matters in Brussels, as well as implementing new technical, energy and environmental standards."

EVA work aids more than 10,000 vending companies in Europe. They include vending operators, product suppliers, manufacturers of vending machines, cups, payment systems and water treatment systems, along with providers of information technology and telecommunications services. Its members also include 21 national vending associations in western and central Europe.

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